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    emergent literacy class

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    In an emergent Literacy classroom environment, what would be the best instructional techniques and approaches to foster reading and writing skills?

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    In an emergent literacy class, the main goal is to expose students to reading and writing, so it is important that the environment is filled with symbols, words, signs, books, and other forms of media. Educators must help students foster a love of reading and communicating in these early years.
    Students need to interact with texts and sounds as much as possible by listening, asking questions, and answering simple questions about characters and events. Beginning with colorful pictures and other visuals will help the students greatly. One strategy is a "book walk." The students look at the pictures and describe what they ...

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    This solution provides instructional techniques to help improve the students' acquisition of reading and writing skills for an emergent literacy class. Each strategy is clearly and carefully detailed to explain how they work to improve the classroom instruction.