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Problem Solving

Recall a work related problem you have faced. Describe the problem and how you handled it at the time. Can you think of policies or procedures you might have in place that would either have prevented the problem or made the problem less disruptive? Describe that policy or procedure.

Leaership Refelection

describe the leadership qualities of individuals whom have had a positive impact on your life. Include personal leadership qualities you believe they posses and the qualities you like to develop as a teacher and leader. Give specific examples of situations that demonstrate these leadership qualities.

interpersonal and intrapersonal cultural challenges

Think about the cultural challenges you have explored. Describe and analyze some major conflicts and issues for all diverse groups relative to interpersonal and intrapersonalcultural challenges. Be sure to cite where you got your information.

research project execution using qualitative methods

How do you determine how large a sample you need to do a research project using qualitative methods? Find an article recently published in a peer reviewed journal that reports a study using qualitative methods, and which explicitly identifies how the appropriate sample size was determined. Describe their justification.

Question about Intellectual Disabilities

How do you think scientific inventions aimed at improving the quality of life of those with Intellectual Disability can be in conflict with their individual rights?

Original sources

Why is it important to locate all original sources, even individual studies used in a meta-analysis or integrative research review, before including them in your literature review?

Best Buddies and disabled people

Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships. After exploring this Web site, what are the benefits of this organization to students with disabilities?

Research Process of Quantitative Study

Describe the research process for Quantitative Study : Study Citation: o Research problem: o Purpose of the research: o Research question(s) and/or hypotheses: o Data collection technique and instrumentation: o Data analysis approach: o Evaluate logical flow and coherence across the multiple elements of the

Students with ID

What are the most important components of an appropriate educational program for students with ID? Why are they most important?

Choose a reading approach for ID students

Many reading approaches have been used with intellectualyl disabled students. Choose one of the approaches that you think would be most successful in your class. Why did you choose this approach? If any, what disadvantages does this approach have?

state's professional teaching standards

How does the relationship between a state's professional teaching standards and the standards of professional organizations for special educators affect the special educator's teaching methods and lessons?

Answers to book Freedom Box

Could you please answer these questions about the book â??Henryâ??s Freedom Boxâ? by Ellen Levine. If you do not know the book please do not reply. 1-What would you say the characteristics are? 2-What would be a quality literature example in the genre of Henryâ??s Freedom Box? 3-Do you think the theme is significant?

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Please suggest a children's book that has been censored and identify the censorship source. Please assist with a personal reflection, that states the choice to use or not use the book in a classroom. Would you use this book in your classroom and why you would not use it. Please provide a reliable site of where this book was iden

What are the benefits of the DPE approach?

What are the benefits of the DPE approach? How can it be applied to the classroom curriculum? (According to Thomas (1996), helping students with Intellectual Disabilityachieve the greatest success and independence in life can be accomplished through individual life goal planning and diagnostic/prescriptive/evaluative (DPE) te

What is Authentic Assessment?

Develop a position statement about the need for more authentic assessment of children in early childhood classroom. Give reasons why it supports developmentally approptiate educational practices. Define authentic assessment as well as to identify and describe appropriate assessment activities and techniques. Please cite two refe

Vygotsky's theory of social development

Describe how a the social development learning theory impacts curriculum design. Include the following in the discussion: a discussion of the learning theory, a description of how it impacts curriculum design, and thoughts on the use of the theory in the 21st century school. Selected theories include: Social Development

Educational Theories

What educational theories will assist teachers(k-12) in creating an effective efficient learning environment?

ELL transition

Most states require English learners to meet certain criteria in order to transition from one level of English proficiency to the next. Also, students must pass certain assessments in order to be re-designated as English proficient. How are English learners transitioning from one level of proficiency to the next in CO? What ar

Likert questionnaire

I am trying to understand the process of the questionnaires for work as I work with preschoolers. It is a combination of questions for the parents and my supervisor. I need 5 questions per questionnaire so I can have an idea on how to proceed with answers ranging from I do strongly agree to I do not agree. Ex: The lesson was tau

Inclusion strategies

According to the authors Bruce Mallory and Beth Rous, ''The overaching goal of early education programs is to increase young children's participation in the social contexts in which they live and learn on a daily basis. This goal requires strategies designed to enhance the frequency, and duration between children with disabiliti