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What education laws and policies refer to privacy

Hannan is a paraprofessional at Country Day Elementary School. He works most of the day in the special education classroom with Dora, who suffered from a traumatic brain injury, and two periods each day with Diego, who is a highly gifted student in a regular education classroom. Rumors have been circulating that Dora's brain inj

Understanding Food Labels

This food label contains all the original food's USDA Nutrition Facts, but has no information at all about the name of the food or the food's ingredients. Your mission is to work backwards to figure out what food it came from. The information on the food label, using this to come up with good, sound, and logical explanations

Elicited teacher-received feedback

â?¢Select a topic within a subject you teach or would like to teach â?¢Create a general lesson plan that describes the topic, materials, and methods. â?¢Delineate the topic by creating five learning objectives. â?¢Based on each objective, create two questions that will probe student understanding and knowledge of the t

Interview with Fluent Speaker of Second Language

I need to write an article in the district-wide newsletter about second language fluency. I have determined that an interview with someone who is fluent in a second language would be a great way to deliver information in the article. Create 10 questions inquiring how this person learned. Questions might include: How old were

Learner Profile

Create a profile of a learner (real or fictional) from your educational or work setting that requires AT. Your learner should come from the educational sector that you currently work in or plan to work in once your complete your Master's degree: Early childhood, K12, post secondary, workplace training, etc.

Descriptive Questions and Hypotheses

I need assistance in creating research questions and hypotheses related to African American Male achievement gap that contain the following: one quantitative section, one qualitative section, and one mixed methods section. After each section of your application, be sure to note your rationale for each choice and how each fits th

Apply facets of Bloom's Taxonomy & Howard Gardner theories.

Bloom's taxonomy Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences For the learning theories chosen do the following: Relate the theory to differentiated instruction. Give a short description or summary of each model or construct. Explain how these models are complementary and can be used as tools for building a differentiated cl

Obesity in America is discussed in terms of fast food influences.

Are fast food restaurants responsible for obesity in America? Although McDonald has denied that high profile news items played a role in the decision to remove large-sized fries and drinks, do you think movies and lawsuits can be use to bring pressure? Is this an appropriate way to bring about change?

Examine social media conflict resolution.

View: Robbins, S. (2008). Social media and education: The conflict between technology and institutional education, and the future. Retrieved from: e0b6d117f5c99c Review the above link and share thoughts on the following: 1.Select one social media tool

Quantitative Method of research

I need a example of a brief synopsis of the quantitative studies That has full APA citation, If you can show me a brief paragraph explaining the contribution the study makes to Afro Americans males educational Gap either directly or tangentially.

Interview questions for someone who is fluent in a second language

I need to write an article in the district-wide newsletter about second language fluency. I have determined that an interview with someone who is fluent in a second language would be a great way to deliver information in the article. Create 10 questions inquiring how this person learned. Questions might include: How old wer

three cost-effective solutions

After reviewing the AT solutions offered by the U.S. Department of Labor, can assistive technology be as simple as a tennis ball? Identify three cost-effective solutions that could be used to solve challenges faced by your special needs learner. Be specific as to the need or challenge and how your solution addresses this need.

PBSI/PBIS in schools

With PBIS in the schools, how would one find a student eligible for services for an emotional disability (ED) in your OHIO. Why is PBIS is so important in the schools and how is PBIS is interrelated with ED? How would one predictions about the incidence of ED. Will PBIS reduce the number of students with ED? Share why or why

Si in the classroom in the state of ohio

1. What would be Ohio (SI) speech impairments requirements? 2. what speech impairments does SI cause(s) 3. how you can a paraprofessional work with students with SI in the classroom. 1. The student would need to be approved for an evaluation...

The Reflective Practitioner Donald Schon (1983, as cited in Smith, 2009) stated that acting as a reflective practitioner enables educators to spend time exploring actions and observations on what has occurred. In so doing, reflective practice is developed as a mode of inquiry resulting in praxis. As a professional educator incorporate Schon's concepts (a) reflection, (b) practice, and (c) learning systems in your reflective practitioner.

Donald Schon Thinking of a teacher in terms of a learning practitioner contributes to the idea and understanding of the theory and practice of teaching and learning. Donald Schon's innovative thinking around notions such as 'the learning society', 'double-loop learning' and 'reflection-in-action' has become part of the languag

ABCs of RtI: Describe each tier. What has changed in terms of SLD identification since the passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Act of 2004? What do you think prompted the changes?

Web Research 1. Read the article "ABCs of RtI." It is a guide for parents about Response to Intervention, but does a good job of summarizing RtI. It can be found at 2. Read the article "SLD Eligibility: A Users' Guide to the New Regulations." It can be found at http://www.rti4suc

Reflective Practice in Differentiated Instruction - Describe the physical learning setting, resource availability, and the profile of learners or trainees within the setting. Worth investigating?

Minott (2009) cites Schon's 1987 definition of framing, whereby the reflective practitioners select ''what will be treated as the problem, set the boundaries of their attention to it, impose on it a coherence, which allows them to say what is wrong and in what direction the situation needs to be changed,'' such as struggling st

Exemplify a valid, reliable assessment

List an example of a well-documented assessment that is known to be valid and/or reliable in your chosen profession. In your narrative, explain why you chose this assessment to post, how you determined it was a valid and/or reliable assessment and whether you have or will use this assessment in your chosen profession. Please mak


Scenario: You are a consultant hired to review the instructional staff of Lincoln community college. You have collected data on student surveys regarding the instructors' performance. You have also collected data on the ratio of grades given by each instructor. You have gathered both quantitative and qualitative data. Click here

Discuss Progressive Education and Social Reform.

â??Progressive Education and Social Reform. 1. Explain how and why reformers centralized power in both city and school government during the progressive era. What effect, in your view, did this have on American democracy? 2. Analyze and debate the merits of a traditional, classical, academic education for all young

Education disscussions

Discussion 1. 1: Booker T. and W.E.B.� Read the poem by Dudley Randall in Chapter 4, which briefly represents the contrasting views of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois regarding the education of blacks in the antebellum South. Students will respond to W.E.B. Du Bois critique of Washington's theories. 1. To what