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Reflecting student culture in social studies

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Could you please give me some ideas on how to incorporate a student's cultures into social studies? How might you incorporate your students' own cultures into your social studies lessons?

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Primary students often study celebrations as part of their social studies curriculum. When doing such a unit, make sure that you feature cultural celebrations from a variety of different ethnic groups. As an example, we did a two month study of winter celebrations in a grade 1/2 class. We started by having a class discussion about what celebrations happened in the winter. The students were then given an assignment to go home and interview their parents/grandparents/siblings about how they celebrated the holiday season. They reported back to the class, and I used the information to plan which holidays we would study. We ended up doing various Christmas celebrations (German, Swedish, Mexican), Hanukkah, and Diwali. The holidays chosen ...

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This solution offers ideas for a primary grade unit that integrates student cultures into a study of celebration. It provides specific activity ideas for planning and executing the unit in order to reflect the individual cultural composition of the class. Examples from a grade 1/2 class are included, along with ideas for adapting the unit for older students.