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Cultural Influences on Social Cognition and Behavior

Description of a specific situation in which your identification with one or more cultural groups influenced your thoughts and behaviors. Provide an explanation of the cultural influences on the specific thoughts and behaviors you note, and your thoughts about whether these influences are positive or negative and why.

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OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

An American Tourist in Thailand

My culture is American. This of course is a very 'broad' culture as it is practiced by those who consider themselves members of the contemporary American/Western society. what I know of the world, how I should behave - this was shaped by my childhood, my schooling, my social relations, my community, my family - all the elements that I have been and continue to be exposed to in my socialization. I am your typical average American - I love football, I live on microwave dinners and occasionally indulge in fast-food. I live in a city, enjoy music and going out, hug family and friends and once in a while I go to church. I have always identified therefore without 'Great American culture' because it is what I know - freedom, equality, democracy, patriotism' - these are the things I grew up with.

I have recently visited Thailand for a vacation. Right away, upon landing, I immediately noticed ...

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