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    How to brief a legal case

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    Description of how to brief a legal case and an example is given.

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    Briefing a case (student brief) will depend on the demands of the professor, but will include mainly the following elements:

    1. Title of the case and citation: The title shows who is opposing whom, with the name of the person who initiated the legal action always listed first. The citation shows how to locate the reporter of the case. If only the title is known, the citation can be found in the case digest for that particular court.

    2. Facts of the case should include the following elements:
    -A one sentence description of the nature of the case
    -A statement of the relevant law, with emphasis put on the key words or phrases in question
    -A summary of the complaint (when civil) or indictment (when criminal) with important evidence and the arguments made in court to explain what happened and why the case was thought to involve a ...

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    This solution discusses how to brief a legal case, delineating the required components of a brief and providing an example of a brief.