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Sample Case Brief

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I need help with writing a brief.

Fiege v. Boehm
Court of Appeals of Maryland, 1956
210 Md. 352, 123 A.2d 316
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In essence, court briefs should be essentially summarized in one page (maximum), if possible. The purpose of a court brief is to condense all of the relevant facts of a case for speed of reading, and the ease of understanding the ramifications of a particular case. It is very important that the legal issue that is relevant to the case is presented and explained in a condensed, but thorough manner. Ensure that you obtain the pertinent facts of a particular case, and seek to refrain from including facts that are not essential for the legal description of the ramifications of the case. Seek to accurately state the rule of law used in the case, but the application of this rule can be in your own words. The reasoning for the decision in a particular case must be stated as it is read from the actual case, but the application of this reasoning can be presented by using your own words. It is important to accurately state the holding of the appeals court, because this will inform the reader as to whether the lower court's decision was reversed, or affirmed. If applicable, state the reasoning for concurring or dissenting opinions. This is usually not ...

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