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What education laws and policies refer to privacy

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Hannan is a paraprofessional at Country Day Elementary School. He works most of the day in the special education classroom with Dora, who suffered from a traumatic brain injury, and two periods each day with Diego, who is a highly gifted student in a regular education classroom. Rumors have been circulating that Dora's brain injury was caused when her mother shook her as an infant during a drug-induced rage. Many people also are fascinated with Diego's exceptionally high IQ ... it has been rumored that he is a child prodigy!
Tonight, Hannan is attending a cocktail party in the community where he works (and also lives). He is being approached by many parents of children who attend Country Day, as well as the host of the party, all of whom are interested in hearing more about these students.
What education laws and policies are relevant to this situation?
How much can Hannan discuss about his two students? What are some effective ways for Hannan to respond to this situation?
Should Hannan report this incident to anyone? Why or why not?

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What education laws and policies are relevant to this situation?

Public Law 108-446, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA), reiterates the provision that students with disabilities and their parents have the absolute right of confidentiality. This right was initiated with the 1975 passage of P. L. 94-142, the Education of All Handicapped Children Act and has been included in all subsequent reauthorizations of the law (Burden, Tinnerman, Lunce, and Runshe,2010).

How much can Hannan discuss about his two students? What are some effective ways for Hannan to respond to this ...

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Suggestions offered for answering what education laws and policies are relevant to a given situation involving student privacy.
How much can para-professionals discuss about two students? What are some effective ways for para-professional to respond to the situation of people wanting information.
Should para-professional report these inquiries to anyone? Why or why not?

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