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    Workplace Privacy Laws

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    Assignment 1: Discussion—Worker Rights and Privacy in the Workplace

    In addition to the readings assigned for Module 4, using the University online library resources or the Internet, locate and read two to three other articles on worker rights and privacy in the workplace. Share your observations, early conclusions, reflections, and questions in this discussion.

    Respond to the following questions:

    What are the relevant laws that govern privacy in the workplace?
    How can workers take advantage of the protections that these laws provide?

    By April 26, 2015, in a minimum of 500 words, post a summary of your findings

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    There are numerous laws that provide privacy protection to employees for certain types of electronic communication and data, such as Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Stored Communication Act (SCA), Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, etc. However, most of these privacy laws do not protect an employee from being monitored by his or her employer, especially when such privacy policies are being explicitly notified/disseminated to the employees. Infact, employees have more protection from state laws with respect to their privacy.

    Hence, given the fact that privacy laws seem to offer little protection in terms of invasion of their privacy in the workplace, they can only rely on handful of laws and specific areas that they can use to their ...

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    The solution discusses workplace privacy laws. The relevant laws that govern privacy in the workplace are discussed.