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Immersive Learning

Define immersive learning environments and discuss how it could be integrated into your organizationâ??s learning strategy. Also, discuss how a Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE) could be used to accomplish specific learning outcomes in your organization.

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As you define immersive learning, I deem it as a real world, actively engaged strategy that utilizes "high-tech--and high-touch--immersive learning environment that allows students to engage with learning in a new way: intense, creative, collaborative, personal, and, at times, even in ways that mirror the risk and reward of real-life ventures" (http://www.universitybusiness.com/article/ball-state-universitys-immersive-learning). I also see it as deeply rooted in simulations, project-based learning, and collaboration to achieve meaningful, student driven, and real world relevant learning.

Research also shows that a major benefit of immersive learning is the "ability to leverage aspects of authentic learning conditions that are hard to cultivate in traditional classroom settings (Griffin, 1995). In ...

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