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    Four Corners Strategy

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    What is the purpose of the Four Corners strategy? How could it be used in a classroom? How could it be used in a professional development setting? Conceptualize and summarize how the Four Corners strategy may be used to develop a concept of interest to you, keeping in mind an intended audience (i.e. students or colleagues). Include various leadership aspects and incorporate differentiated instruction techniques into your concept. For example, you can develop a concept for teacher training, where leadership plays an important role in professional development.

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    The purpose of a Four Corners strategy is the stimulation of student learning through movement and discussion. This strategy can be effectively utilized in the classroom by developing a challenging thought provoking scenario and assigning students to address it by sectioning off four areas of the classroom with the posted scenario. Students will then debate and develop statements how to address the issue from each area.

    In a professional development setting ...

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