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    Our math teachers have a profound impact on how we view mathematics and our own math skills. Reflect on a teacher who had a strong effect on your perceptions of math (either positive or negative). What characteristics did he or she have that contributed to your perceptions of math and your own competence as a math student? What can you learn from your experience that might inform your own math instruction?

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    Math is only as challenging as your mind allows it to be, and the key to overcoming the enigma that this subject is for many students is confronting their perception of math. The best teacher I had to assist me in confronting this problem was Professor Reyes. After years of viewing math in a negative light as a result of almost being denied graduation because of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test I had initially enter into college angry, scared, and reluctant about math. As a result of these feelings my first 3 semesters in college were spent in remedial course for math, and I subsequently dropped out of college due in part, but not exclusively, because of math. I did not enter college again for another 4 years and when I did I still possessed the same opinion about math. This was in spite of my all A's in other subjects, but it was not ...

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    Math teachers and their impact in the math field.