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    Elements necessary to achieve a dream classroom

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    Reflect for a moment on what you would consider to be the perfect classroom. What would it take to achieve that dream classroom? Is it achievable? What, if any obstacles are in your way? Is there anything you have learned in this course that will help you achieve your dream?

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    The perfect classroom would not be grouped by age but thematically. The foundation would lean toward inquiry-based and Socratic methodology. If it was necessary to show grade level mastery, the students' cognitive level would supersede the baseline, as a result intense student self-study, with teacher facilitation and standardized test scores would be above grade-level.

    The class would reflect that of a gifted curriculum but would be all inclusive. Parents would be welcome into the classroom but not on free-flow sort of way but instead, ...

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    This solution discusses what it would take to achieve a dream classroom.