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Assessment Plan

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A. What kind of report card is the attached? How do you determine grades, checks, etc.? What factors are included in your evaluations?

B. Develop an experimental report card or format for communication of student achievement. Show how you will evaluate the learning targets of your assessment plan.

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The present report card (a standards-based report card) includes the following assessment categories: 'Met, On the Way, Not Met' to assess the following objectives:

- Demonstrates understanding of scientific processes through written lab reports
- Demonstrates complex thinking skills through class and small group discussions
- Applies the scientific method to solve problems
- Analyzes data using learned techniques

In this type of report card, grades are not ...

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This solution looks at the sample report card and explains how it works when it comes to measuring student achievement. It also includes the development of an experimental report card/assessment plan for student achievement, explaining how it evaluates the learning targets set in the classroom.