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    A health assessment and action plan

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    Please create an action plan and health assessment for an individual who has a high risk of cardiac disease. What would be the various areas of assessment that should be explored?

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    In a situation of this nature, it appears that an action plan health assessment will include an assessment of this individuals current blood pressure, as well as other important factors that may affect this individual's health. This would include assessing the amount of exercise that this individual gets each day, due to the fact that a lack in adequate exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise, would lead to an exponential increase in the probability of this individual obtaining some form of cardiac disease. It would also be very ...

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    This 338 word solution describes a health assessment and action plan for someone who has a high risk of cardiovascular disease. It includes a detailed explanation on how to perform an assessment and outlines the proper course of action to reduce the individual's risk of disease.