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    Quality Program Review

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    You've been here at Excellent a few days and met some people and looked around. Now it's time to get down to business.

    As you know, we are looking to you to set up the Quality Department, which just about everyone here thinks we need. But I really want to do this right. So the first project I want you to do is a quality program assessment. I'm sure that what you will find is that we really need one and you will be preaching to the choir.

    But in doing this project this way, you will be creating a set of program standards that you will then use to design and implement the department and its programs. And as you actually conduct the assessment, you will become really familiar with what we are currently doing and what the current situation is.

    So, even before you conduct the assessment, I want you to prepare an assessment plan.

    This plan should look at everything we do here in terms of quality. The plan will actually be a list of things you want to see including people. And if you are seeing people, what you want to know from them. Most of the other things you are looking at will be reports and also observing some manufacturing and reporting processes.

    You can organize this plan any way you want. But you should include people. processes, reports and than what it is you are looking for. For people, you should create a list of questions you will ask them. What would really be good if you can create a list of standards or criteria that you can then compare to the results you get from the assessment.

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    The main objective is the need for a quality assessment plan that is warranted for setting up a program standard for the organization - to reach projected goals. Thus, the assessment plan should entail a solidified quality management theme within the assessing of data from people, current policies, and the results of such procedures. In doing so, the assessment plan findings can reveal shortcomings and productive areas that will incorporate into the finalized program standards for implementations. Keep in mind, the road towards implementing new business protocols deals with change management strategies for reaching the targeted goal, such as, new internal quality standards.

    Quality management is the method in ensuring the organization product or service as consistent framework from one point of creation - to the final delivered product within the targeted marketplace. Thus, the quality assessment plan should hone on business continuity with the focus on control, assurance, and implement all within a planning initiative. In focusing on the quality management objective, the quality assurance allows for a consistency to improving processes as well as people on a level of accountability. Therefore, the designated first phase of quality assessment entails the implementation of identifying current system processes approaches and corresponding people expectations of such output. When one internal department fails to comply to the set quality standards, the overall product beneficial designed component refrains from meeting the targeted goal.

    Therefore, let's take a review into how to creating a quality assessment plan by listing of things as well as to including people. Keep in mind, the inclusive of people relates towards internal department controls, processes, and expectations of output. In designing a well suited quality assessment plan, the objective is to consist of the overall leadership role, employee staff role, and the current processes that impacts productivity as well as quality. When productivity levels are sufficient, the quality levels must be at par of expectations to consistency meeting the superior measures of production.

    In the case example, the aim for mass production is on a contingency that every internal department and corresponding personnel is working towards ...

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    Quality program review assessments are examined. The expert designs an implement department and its program is determined.