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Evaluating Information on the Web

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How do you know you can trust and rely on the information you find on the Web?
Is it safe to allow students to surf the Web? Address different concerns based on ages of students.
What do you think about parental/teacher controls on the Web? Will they interfere with the learning goals, or provide protection for both learners and teachers?

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The expert evaluates the information on the web. Parental/teachers controls on the web are provided.

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Hello and welcome to BrainMass today! You asked for help with the following:

How do you know you can trust and rely on the information you find on the Web?
This is actually a very good question! Although there is a lot of good information on the Internet, because people can publish it and change it at will without librarians or editors verifying the information, a good portion of information found on the Internet is not reliable. A good rule of thumb is to carefully check the URLs. If the source is from a government or an .edu site, then the information should be reliable to use. As well, scholarly journals, books, and authors who cite their sources are usually credible as well. If you pull a source from your school's library database, everything is reliable in it and you will have no problems with these sources. Also, reliable encyclopedia sources (such as Briticanna.com) offer reliable information; however, a wiki site (such as ...

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