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    Evaluating Website Lessons

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    Create a lesson plan on how to evaluate the validity and usefulness of a website. Create the lesson at a level appropriate for students in your educational setting.

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    Title - How To Search For Good Web Sites

    Subject - _____________

    Grade Level - ___________

    This information should be filled in with your own information according to the subject that this is going to be used for and the grade that you are teaching.

    The next thing that you will need to create a lesson plan is a description of the plan itself:

    Brief Description
    Here is where you can briefly describe the purpose of the lesson plan. In this plan, students will be learning the different criteria for finding and evaluating web sites. As part of the lesson plan, students will have to locate one website that pertains to their subject and that provides useful and valid information as well as one website that does not. Then students will be asked to discuss the differences between the valid one and the invalid one, i.e. why is one ...

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    This solution describes how to create a lesson plan for students that aims to teach the students how to evaluate the validity and usefulness of a website.