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Using the internet for research

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Write a formal report on using the internet for research-purposes, which should cover the following points:

- The various resources which the internet offers (websites, data-bases, web forums, online encyclopedias....)

- The problem of reliability plus examples (bogus website ...)
- Reliability criteria
- A summary /assessment of the internet as a research source

Minimum 700 word maximum 1200 word
Notes: please add an abstract

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Internet has emerged as the preferred research choice as it offers numerous benefits over traditional research sources, such as speed, access to huge volume of information, up-to-date data and real time information, etc. However, internet research sources have also raises a number of issues related to the reliability of information presented over the web. Few steps can help researchers to distinguish reliable information from unreliable ones.


Internet has emerged as the preferred source for researchers, be it students using it for academic research or workers using it for business research. Internet provides access to a huge source of information on each and every topic that one can think of from all across the world. One does not need to visit traditional libraries today for seeking most of the information as it is easily available over the web, either free or on a paid basis.

Turning to internet has become an obvious choice because of its convenience, ease in terms of accessing information, huge choice in terms of research content and cost effectiveness. However, it has its own merits an demerits. Let us first take a look at the key benefits. Internet has provided access to completely new and valuable sources of information that came did not exist before, such as electronic journals (e-journals) and Internet discussion groups, paid databases, online encyclopedias such as wikipedia, etc. Further, it provides an enormous amount of information, which is difficult to imagine in the case of physical research sources. Internet has enabled access to digitized versions of primary research sources in physical formats. Many libraries are digitizing (making electronic versions) of primary research sources such as personal letters, official government documents, treaties, photographs, etc. and making these available for viewing over ...

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The various resources which the internet offers (websites, data-bases, web forums, online encyclopedias....)