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    Rick Stiggins: Introduction to Student Involved Assessment for Learning

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    A. Explain what Stiggins means when he says that there needs to be a balance of assessment "for" and assessment "of" learning in schools and in classrooms.

    B. What are his 5 achievement targets?

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    A. Stiggins (2008) feels that the frameworks used to currently assess students', needs to be revisited. He believes it is the instructional decisions of the adults in our classrooms, schools, districts, and states that should determine school effectiveness instead. Stiggins calls for a format that includes the students as part of the process, which the old or current framework is missing. In other words, the current way of assessing negates the students as users in the decision-making process. Stiggins advocates for a collective assessment history instead - one that includes the teachers, instructional decision-makers, and the students that is more of a collaborative initiative or effort. He believes this is the only way to affect maximum learning which Stiggins purports to come from the everyday and productive interactions between teachers and students.
    In fact, while Stiggins sees the instructors as important in the process, he believes they are not nearly as important. This is because, his relation to impact on learning, the actual decisions students will make in essence is more important as this decides whether they are smart enough to meet the standards, or, whether they have any reason to hope for success if they try. According to Stiggins (2008), the students are 'key players' and major decision makers in the learning process. Ultimately, they will decide ...

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    The following posting discusses the balance of assessment in schools and classrooms. The five achievement targets are provided.