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What Sets Action Research Apart

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What are the differences between action research and other forms of research? Think of a problem that could be addressed using action research methods.

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Action research is research that focuses on improving how a teacher teaches or the performance of an organization. Action research can be done by one person or several people (collaborative inquiry) that are working for the same goal which is making improvements. The research is done by the person that wants to improve and they also analyze the data collected themselves ...

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Teachers can use action research to help improve their performance. Other forms of research are different from action research as they are done by someone other than the person wanting to improve.

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Research paper on a strategic management related topic: IPL innovation story. In the present study an attempt has been made in the application of theories of strategic management in the start up and development of small to medium to large scale enterprises by entrepreneurs in giving shape to their dreams. These entrepreneurs do not have any background of the Business Management and yet they formulate policies, conceive objectives, plan the system and make their enterprise a success. In fact their actions achievements success becomes case study of students of Business Management.

Write a research paper on a strategic management related topic

? The research paper should be type written 1.5 line-spaced using 12 size font times new roman.
? The research paper should contain the following section:

1. Abstract
2. Literature Review
3. Research Aims and Objectives (Just three and they should come from the topic.
4. Research Methodology
5. Discussion (the topic analysis)
6. Conclusion (see if you achieve the aims and objectives of the research)
7. References

? Recommended readings

1. Thomas,L., Wheelen, J. & Dacid, H. (2002). Strategic management and business policy. 11th Edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
2. Michael, A., Hitt, R., Duane, I., Robert E. H. (2003). Strategic management, Competitiveness and globalization with infortrac. 5th Edition. CA: southwestern.
3. Arthur. A., Thompson, J., & Strickland III, A.J. (1999) Strategic management. 11th Edition. New York: McGraw Hill.

? Journals
1. Strategic Management Journal
2. Long Range Planning

The most important point is to write the research by your own words. Please supply references.

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