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Evaluation of Course Description

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Reflect on the course description for this course:

This course explores strategies and techniques to support the success of language and culturally diverse students. The values, customs, and communication styles of cultural groups and their implication for teaching are considered. Research-based instructional approaches to developing English learner literacy will be examined.

Do you think you have successfully met the goals of this course? What areas do you feel are your strengths? Which areas will present the most challenge for you? What can you do to overcome/improve on those challenges

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Efforts to create positive and intentional diversity have been historically implemented to create a common ground for all groups to interact and create a uniform community. At times this has been understood as a failed attempt because at some point, some group with clear interests have been neglected or obscured from the total result of broadening the opportunity for positive global understanding. The notion of "common good" becomes undefined in the areas of academic learning, and referencing of wisdom defined from above or below. It is with greater need that all social groups attempting to be a part of an inclusion effort bring opportunity for social transparency. The best understanding that many communities are now implementing is the clear need to recycle and re-use regenerative resources. The awareness that regenerative sources ...

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The solution discusses the evaluation of course description.

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