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The Marketing Mix (4 P's)

Discussion questions

1. Think of a common, everyday product of your own choosing, and then define it by: .The type of customer that uses it (is it a consumer or business product) .The type of consumer product class (convenience, shopping, specialty, or unsought) .How consumers compare the product with competitor products

Explain Planned Economic System

1. What is a planned economic system? 2. Name three advantages of direct distribution 3. What are the three kinds of research? Please describe each one. 4. What are the three basic jobs of all marketing managers?

Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product/service.

1. Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product/service. Explain your choice of marketing mix. Prepare a marketing plan that addresses product modification, pricing, promotional programs, distribution channels, and e-business in you chosen country. Include market indicators and trends for your product

Communication and Promotion in Marketing Mix

The final component of the Strategic Marketing Plan is the Marketing Mix. The Marketing Mix is the set of decisions about price, communications and promotion, product policy, channels of distribution, and customer relationship management. Only by addressing these elements can you actually implement your marketing strategy. I nee

Core Strategy and Marketing Mix

First, I need to create core strategies which include the value proposition and product proposition . Also have to provide a marketing mix and include the following: 1. Provide a detailed description of IMC approach and the corresponding promotion strategy necessary to send my message to my target market. For example, the e


How is Scion addressing its target market with regard to positioning and the product itself?


CAN YOU TELL ME THE FOLLOWING...... What is the importance of marketing to an organization and the top three marketing challenges faced by the organization. How do three challenges impact the organization's marketing mix. Assess the importance of marketing research in overcoming these challenges.

Identify environmental factors for marketing decisions

Identify environmental factors that affect both global and domestic marketing decisions. Select one of the following business model: Aramark Identify a business within your business model that has not yet expanded into overseas markets. Answer the following questions: What internal and external (e.g. political, legal, socia

Traditional v Online Marketing methods: impact, pitfalls, advantages

Questions 1. Compare traditional marketing methods with those that are enabled by technology. 2. Discuss the impact of the Internet on marketing. 3. What are the pitfalls that must be avoided when establishing a presence on the Web? 4. List a few Internet sites that have failed to avoid these pitfalls? 5. W

Major Components of Strategic Funds - SMC Millennium

I need to have a budget for our Marketing Plan. The final phase of the marketing plan for the SMC Millennium will conclude with the marketing mix components of place and promotion and discuss public relations along with advertising. Development of a budget is also a critical element that will be discussed and the all importa

Fiinancial institutions, 4P's, strategic alliances

How do multilateral and regional financial institutions promote global business? What are some complications to financing a global business expansion? How can management overcome these obstacles? How do the 4 Ps differ in a global business environment? Can any product or service be marketed globally? Define strategic al

External environment/allocation of resources

A) Explain with example: The success of a business will be closely influenced by the external environment, particularly the market economy. B) Explain and examine how a market economy allocates resources and how a business needs to respond to the market.

Price Mix and Yield

Super IT bid and won a job from the City to upgrade the Iowa's Department's financial system. The terms of the bid, which become the flexible budget, are as follows: 1,500 hours of partner time at a cost of $300 per hour and 2,750 hours of systems analyst time at a cost of $150 per hour. The job is completed and the Super IT


12027 Q ACC Which of the following is NOT one of marketing's "four P's"? a. Product b. Price c. Performance d. Place e. Promotion 2. The _____ is the central instrument for directing and coordinating the marketing effort. a. Marketing plan b. Strategic marketing plan c. Tactical marketing plan d. Mission

Personal Selling and Customer Focus

Would you prefer to sell to businesses or consumers or both and why? My perspective is selling to consumers as the business market is more volatile. One would need to familiarize themselves not only with the business they are wishing to sell their products/service but also their customers of the business as that is the end

In 2003, Toyota introduced the Scion; positioning errors; marketing the Xbox 360

The "It" Car for Gen Y? In 2003, Toyota introduced an entirely new brand into the market. Scion ( is owned by Toyota, sold side-by-side at Toyota dealerships, and buyers have financing arranged through Toyota Motor Credit Corp, but that's where the relationship ends. Scion targets, and aims to represent,

Design of New Beverage Packaging

Make recommendations to your team about the design of BevCo's new fruit juice beverage packaging. Base the packaging design on what you know about consumer research and the target market (see below) you have chosen. What colors and types of graphics would you suggest? What type of container and shape would you recommend? What re

Company in another country which has started doing business in the United States

Search online resources and find an article describing an experience of either: (1) a US company or division that conducts business in a foreign country; or (2) a company or division based in another country which has started doing business in the United States. Perform searches on "joint venture," "licensing," or "strategic all

Based on your group's analysis of the Pampers data

Based on your group's analysis of the Pampers data, what can you tell management? What attributes of a disposable diaper have the greatest impact on developing brand preference? What recommendations would you make to management on how to position Pampers against the competition? Part of Attached file (see file attached for f

Product Mix Decision

This is a homework problem I have about Product Mix Decision. There is a company that produces and sells a product, AA100 and wants to branch out and refine AA100 make AA101 and AA102. The information is as follows: AA100 sells for $940 per ton AA101 sells for $1,500 per ton max demand is 400 tons A

Conglom Foods: Beverage marketing - buying decisions, target market

1. Conglom Foods produces carbonated and non-carbonated cocktail mixers, such as tonic water, Pona Colada mix, and grenadine syrup. Consider two of the following target markets: children (ages 4-8) 'tweens (ages 9-14) teens (ages 15-19) young adults (ages 20-30) adults (ages 30 +) 1) How does the market

Developing a marketing strategy and marketing mix

I am asked to create a basic marketing strategy and design a marketing mix for Action-Cal. Explain to me how you would come up with a strategy and mix and how this will help launch the product. I need lots of information and any source you can give me. I'm giving a good bit of credits to get help with this.

Case study marketing reports

Read Case 3.4 Pampers Develops a Rash - A Rash Share of Market Share in your text (pages 688-689). Using SPSS and the SPSS data (Case3.4Pampers_Data.Sav), do the following: Run a frequency for the dependent variable, brand preference, and show a bar graph. Write a one - two sentence summary of what it tells you. Examine ho

Sony Playstation 2: analysis of company in global market

Sony Playstation 2: Just Another Competitor? INTERNAL ANALYSIS 1) What are Sony's 3-5 major strengths and 3-5 major weaknesses? (In answering this question, assess its tangible and intangible resources, primary and support functions, and capabilities. Also answer with respect to the video game