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Army Reserve and the Marketing Mix

Analyze the promotion of your chosen organization relative to your products and markets as if you were making a report to management. Be as specific as possible and be sure to draw on Module 4 background materials in describing the INTEGRATION of the MARKETING MIX..

Please provide me a paragraph or two to show how the following can be integrated into the marketing mix:
The Army Reserve Retention and Transition Division has a variety of promotional strategies that encompass the following:
Advertising is completed through venues of television and radio commercials as well as an internet sight for individual to gather basic information and be put in contact with a recruiter or retention NCO.
Personnel Selling is completed by retention NCOs, recruiters and service members in current reserve units that participate in trade shows at major events such as shopping malls, job fairs, high school events, county and state fairs and city activity days.
Sales promotions are revealed through the service member meeting with the retention NCO to see the entitlements that are available based on meeting the required criteria as directed by Congress and Department of the Army. Promotions that service members may be eligible for are bonuses, educational funds, student loan repayment and a living stipend while in college.
Publicity and public relations can be located and see in local veterans' newspaper, on posters and brochures that are located at public venues such as restaurants, colleges, shopping malls, car stores, employment agencies and at movies.

Here are the website that can be used as background material, which is to be referenced in the paper:
Christ, Paul (2008). Principles of Marketing. Available at
on February 19, 2008, from KnowThis.com. Read the following chapters:

Promotion Decisions


Advertising Campaign

Small Business Administration, (2008). Advertising Primer Available at http://www.sba.gov/smallbusinessplanner/manage/
on February 22, 2008.

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The marketing mix consists of the "Four Ps" which are: Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. How does the Army Reserve fit into this mix?

The Product is the Army Reserve. Today the country is at war but a draft has not been initiated. With the lack of a draft, the armed forces must do what they can to get citizens to voluntarily enroll in the ...

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