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High Performance Work System (HPWS)


Assume for a moment that you have just been promoted to Director of Marketing for a medium size consumer products company. You report to the VP of Marketing who has made it known that there is a corporate initiative under way to design and implement high performance work systems within your area. Part of the concern has been, in her words, "we have lost market share because field sales, pricing, marketing, product design, advertising, and supply chain/distribution have not been on the same page."


I need a start to submitting a proposal that includes major objectives, concerns, pitfalls, potential gains, resource deployment, tactics and strategies to get HPWS implemented, and bottom line recommendations (high performance work teams and systems) complete with an Summary page.

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I am giving following guidelines to tackle the situation:

Analysis of Current Situation

The consumer products company is facing reduced sales, falling market share and disconnect in various functional areas. This is affecting their profits adversely.

Concern and its causes
The major problem that the company is facing is of reduced sales and profitability. The causes are lack of coordination between various functional areas such as sales, pricing, marketing, product design, advertising, and supply chain distribution.

Major objectives

I will set up following objectives for the organization:
? To ...

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