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Kenneth Dailey has asked you to be part of a special task

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Deliverable Length: 1-page Word document; 7 PPT slides with in-depth speaker notes

Step #1
Each team member is asked to prepare a 1 page Word document with well developed ideas for enhancing the culture at Green River. This document should include recommendations for (at minimum) 3 ideas for enhancing the culture.

Step #2
As a team you will then prepare a PPT presentation for Kenneth to review. This PPT will contain the ideas the task force has for developing a high performance work culture at Green River. This should contain (at minimum) 5 recommendations and will be built upon the various recommendations (in step #1).

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FMC Green River: High Performance Work Culture

The Green River unit of FMC Corporation has so many problems in its organization culture and organizational structure. Due to these problems, the employees at Green River unit are not satisfied. The unsatisfied employees do not perform at their best level. The company wants to make some changes in its organizational culture in order to make a high performance work culture (FMC Corporation, 2008). The company can make changes in its ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 373 Words, APA References

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Here is the web site where the case study is located


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