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The Marketing Mix (4 P's)

Marketing Mix

Describe the elements of the marketing mix. What are some marketing mix decisions you must consider when creating your marketing plan? Use examples to explain.

Need suggestions on how to address marketing elements to a new product.

Introduce a new product or service, in which we have to address the following: We have chosen to provide a Pickup and Deliver Service of Pets for pet owners that are too busy to make the grooming or vet's appointments. Will you please provide examples of the following. The material is from Principals of Marketing by Philip

Media Strategies and 4P's

You are a participant in a Directors meeting. 1. Draw implications that might exist for the media strategies of Resorts 123 from the "4 Ps of Marketing." 2. Explain why these elements are relevant and what their roles are in the overall success of the campaign. Compilation was recently done of a proposal which I f

Project Management-Crash the Project

I have been given a Decision Tree where A is 4 days B is 5 days, C is 2 days, D is 2 days, E is 3 days, F is two days and G is 7 days. I have been told that the benefits are $100.00 per day to crash the project. I have also been given a chart which says that: A has a crash duration of 2 days and a slope of 110 B has a cra

Integrated Marketing Communication

The final component of the Marketing Strategy is the Marketing Mix. The Marketing Mix is the set of decisions about price, communications and promotion, product policy, channels of distribution, and customer relationship management. Only by addressing these elements can you actually implement your marketing strategy. This week y

Fundamentals of Marketing

Define "marketing" in your own words based on what you read in the text, web searches, or Library research. Be sure to give credit to the authors of the source(s) for providing you with the knowledge. Continue to add to the definition of marketing by discussing an example of either successful or unsuccessful marketing practices

Marketing Manager Vs Marketing Analyst & Vision for the IT Service Company

I need help defining the difference between a marketing manager and a marketing analyst. Also, because ITO is an IT outsource service company I think that better utilization of various distribution channels and overall marketing is needed but I need help fleshing out this angle. Here are the assignment details: Reflec

Elements of the Marketing Mix and Marketing Strategy

Create a product or service that you want to market (keep it simple). Be creative (don't market a product or service that already exists). Using the course resources, develop a marketing strategy and marketing mix for this product. Even though your product/service is not real, imagine that it is and think about the environ

marketing communications that led you to purchase two products in the past.

Cite two examples of marketing communications (advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion, or direct marketing) that led you to purchase two products in the past. The first purchase should be one that required the expenditure of a significant percentage of your income, such as a car, house, computer, or

Right marketing mix to increase sales

Marketing with a cause can increase sales and boost a company's reputation, leading to customer loyalty. Here is an example from Pond's (face cream) that aims to do just that. To promote a new line of anti-aging cream, the company has arranged to become a sponsor of a TV show on USA Network where its product will be featured pro

Strategic Marketing for ITO Company

You're talking with your mentor at your former company about your current situation and challenges. She suggests that you consider using societal marketing. Perform research to determine if, how and why similar IT outsourcing companies might use societal marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Then think about how ITO Com

Pepsi media mix, and the target audience

The cola wars represent some fascinating marketing genius (and mishaps) over the years. Here is the latest attempt from Pepsi to gain market share. In an appeal to young people, Pepsi will be releasing a series of designer cans with themes such as sports, fashion, cars and music. Also featured on the cans will be Web addresses

Planning in Marketing and the Four Ps

I need help in answering the following two questions: 1. You are a newly hired marketing manager in a company. In talking to your peers, you realize that the company does not place an emphasis on planning within the marketing organization. Why is planning important in marketing? How will you convince your supervisor that the ma

Marketing and the Virtual Marketplace

Marketing and the Virtual Marketplace Computers: Dell and Apple Research and discuss the marketing promotions used by the two organizations in your chosen category. Compare and contrast the promotional activities - both online and offline - and discuss why they are successful/or not. You should review World Wide Web and

Promotional Mix - George-Mart

A specialty grocery store, George-Mart, is celebrating its grand opening in North Bend,WA. Create the promotional mix for the grand opening. Consider the different types of promotional tools (e.g. personal selling, public relations, direct mail) they can use and determine which one would be the most effective. Describe the proce

Should Bob add espresso hot chocolate to his product mix?

Bob jitters owner of Virtual buzz Coffee "House is in a quandary. Many customers have expressed disappointment that Virtual Buzz does not serve espresso hot chocolate. Currently, it serves both espresso and hot chocolate separately but not together. The expresso sells for $1.75 per mug and costs $.50 to make. If bob were to make

Relationship selling management, Integrated Marketing, flow chart.

Topic : Strategic Planning and Sales (IMC), flow chart and marketing mix. IMC (Integrated Marketing Concept) flowchart illustrates that Sales is a vital component to strategic planning. Please analyze how you would incorporate a sales strategy into the companies overall strategic planning. For example, you can choose ANY top

What are the four elements of marketing mix

What are the four elements of marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion) can you please describe and explain. Also, can you describe how each of the four elements relate to the Wal Mart corp. marketing strategy. Also how is each element is implemented within the company.

The Four Elements of the Marketing Mix

The Four Elements of the Marketing Mix: 1. product 2. place 3. price 4. promotion Describe how each element is implemented within a specific organization and how they relate to the organization's marketing strategy.

Marketing Communication Mix for Product Launch

Using Brazil as an example, what marketing communication components should be used to market a new product in a foreign country? What political, cultural, and social influences would impact the marketing communication mix (e.g. personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, sponsorship, public relations, publicity, and direct

Multiple choice questions on Marketing

1. A ______________ might consist of a fast food item, a gourmet meal from a four-star restaurant, frozen pizza, a steak cooked at home, and a Slim-Fast® Optima Shake. _____ a. product market _____ b. generic market _____ c. target market _____ d. marketing mix _____ e. segmented market 2. Positioning refers to how

Segmenting the Market, Target Margeting

Distinguish between the terms market segmentation and target marketing .Include a brief definition of the concepts. Next, explain this comment: "Sometimes a firm can achieve a key differential advantage by simply emphasizing how its offering satisfies existing consumer desires and needs better than its competitors do. Someti

Why new products fail?

You responded to my post on Why new products fail. your response is attached. I was wondering if you could give me the references. Thank You.