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    Strategic Internet Marketing: Increase Chances of Acceptance

    Can you help me with this assignment? 1) Recommend how to increase the chances of acceptance for innovations. How do your recommendations relate to the development of Web sites? 2) Outline a strategy using the adapter categories to speed the adoption of an innovation such as handheld wireless internet. 3) List some of t

    Difference in advertising, technology role, cultural differences

    1. What are the primary differences between advertising and publicity? How ethical is advertising that appears as publicity? What role does technology play in public relations? 2. How can cultural differences among audiences affect how public relations messages are interpreted and received? Why should an organization's logo b


    1How has technology impacted marketing? What types of new technologies are organizations using to market their products and services to both buyers and sellers? 2We need to be aware of cultural differences when developing our marketing strategy. Just because a marketing strategy may be successful in the United States, it d

    Nielsen Media Research- Meter, Diary & External Validity

    Please help with the following problems. What types of decisions do you think networks are making when they utilize nielsen's research? What about advertising agencies? Compare Nielsen's diary method to its television meter method. Which method is most effective? why? Discuss whether Neilsen 's methods have external

    Case: Best Buy Uncovers Angels in the Market; customer centricity initiative

    Read the case below and answer the following questions. 1. From what internal and secondary sources did Best Buy acquire the data that helped it develop its customer centricity initiative? 2. How did Best Buy database marketing to better satisfy its customers? 3. How are the data gathered by Best Buy useful in customer rela

    Discuss the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4 As)

    Visit and navigate in depth the website of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) www.aaaa.org Discuss the organization including its' purpose and services. In addition, identify two contemporary issues facing the industry you work in and state how AAAA could offer your organization support.

    New product launch in foreign market

    1. Assume you are launching a product for a foreign market. List some government information resources you might be able to use for this product launch. What constraints or obstacles might you encounter obtaining and using this information?

    Communication coaching in the workplace: Practical ideas

    Describe the communication privacy policies at your workplace, such as for e-mail and telephone use. How do the policies align to the best practices discussed in the readings? Do you feel these policies are ethical? Why? What strategies do you follow to maintain a caring, sensitive tone, even when writing a negative message?

    Marketing : CPM and Current trends in advertising

    1. What is CPM? Why is CPM important? What are some of the differences between "total cost of CPM" and "advertisement versus the CPM rate"? 2. What are some of the current trends influencing the effectiveness of advertising? What effect does emerging technology have on advertising? What are the changes in consumer behavior cu

    Technology and Personal Relations

    Name some things that used to be done through person-to-person interaction that are now done through technology? Do you think that adding technology to these processes has made them more effective? Do you think it has it made the companies seem less customer friendly?

    Survey on books/software purchases from internet

    Books and computer-software products sell effectively on the Web. Publishers and third parties sell both from sleek Web sites all over the world. Interview a consumer from each of the following age groups: 18-25 years old 26-45 years old 46 years or above (you may vary the ages slightly)

    Identify one modern technology..

    Identify one modern technology and discuss its development. In what ways has this technology changed the way you live from both a positive and negative perspective? What future changes might occur that could have even more impact on your life?

    Shifting of Engineering and Design Capabilities

    One big concern is that there will be a shifting of the engineering and design capabilities outside the companies and away from the domestic clusters of competency (Pasano & Shih, 2009). Should managers be concerned about this?

    Market Channel Conflicts & Logistics

    - Why are marketing channels and intermediaries necessary? What is the most important function carried out by intermediaries? Why? Why do channel arrangements sometimes need to be modified over time? - What are some types and sources of channel conflict? What are some of the ethical considerations in channel relations? - Why

    Different Macroenvironments - Green Motorcar

    Analyze and explain the different macroenvironments. Describe how these macroenvironments will impact the demand for the Green Motorcar Company car. In addition, analyze the key factors in the macroenvironments that the Green Motorcar Company must monitor to be prepared for changes that will impact the size of its target mar

    Important information about FedEx

    I have selected FEDEX as the company I would like to use for this project, but am at a loss as to how to begin the assignment and would appreciate any help with the following information: Identify the environmental factors that affect global and domestic marketing decisions. Address the following as they relate to the organiz

    Consumer Behavior and Marketing

    Relate consumer behavior to marketing. o Define consumer behavior, and how it relates with the subject of marketing. o Select a purchase you have made recently and describe in detail how each of the 4Ps, product, price, promotion, and place, affected your purchasing decision. o Cite at least one outside reference.

    Pros and Cons of Dynamic Pricing

    Internet retailing frequently uses dynamic pricing. Discuss the pros and cons of dynamic pricing. List at least three products where dynamic pricing should not be used, and give rationale for your selection.

    Forces that shape the marketing envrionment

    A large number of forces shape the marketing environment. The technological environment is one of the most important today. Discuss the impact of technology on marketing including, the opportunities, challenges and ethical issues technology poses for marketing.

    Elements of Effective Decision-Marketing

    What are the necessary elements of effective decision-making? Please use original work APA format. 2.5 - 3 pages I am writing a paper on elements of effective decision making. It is 20 pages long. I ask for 2.5 to 3 pages for reference material, original work only.