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    Strategy and Business Analysis

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    Business analysis of a 6 month income statement

    Attached is an Excel file containing a 6 month income statement for a branch. Please review and summarize your findings in a discussion paper that touches on the following points: • Summarize your findings from this data. • What trends are you able to identify from this data? • What advice would you provide the branc

    Locus of Control

    Complete Exercise 6.1: Locus of Control on page 145 in your textbook to determine your locus of control. Use the scoring sheet below to score your results. In a two to three page paper discuss the following: What were your results? Discuss any surprises you encountered relative to your results.  What does it mean to be in

    Evidence Based Policy Analysis and Research Design

    I need some ideas in answering these questions on research design: 1. Give an example of problem versus policy issue. What are the strengths and constraints of evidence-based policy analysis? 2. Discuss an example of a design for description. Discuss an example of a design for explanation. 3. Discuss the importance o

    Assessing Personality Styles

    Use your favorite search engine and locate a personality test such as the Kersey Temperament Sorter. Provide the name and the URL of the instrument in your response. According to the instrument, which personality style are you? Did your findings match how you see yourself? What strengths do you see your temperament type havin

    Opportunity Cost Discussion

    This assignment needs to be a minimum of 250 words: Discuss the opportunity cost of getting your MBA. What steps and economic factors must a student make when choosing between getting a degree and taking another route in life? Feel free to include aspects from your own decision to pursue your MBA.

    HR strategic Goals to Organizational Goals

    Could you assist me with the following question below: One important issue is linking HR strategic goals to organizational goals? Please do this. For this Discussion Question, can you think of a HR strategic goal that must be closely linked with organizational goals? For example, training is an important HR function. If the

    Strategic business plan for a real estate business

    I need your help on writing a strategic plan for real estate business for 3 - 5 years. 12 pages. All sources must be properly cited in the APA format. 1. Outline of the Strategic Plan 2. Executive Summary 3. Industry Overview 4. Discussion of business a. Mission Statement b. Type of business (s

    Executive Summary Real Estate

    I need help on doing an Executive Summary on Real Estate Business that will deal with the following: Rent collection, building and construction of permanent buildings, housing management and assistance clients that wish to settle in different cities on temporarily or permanently bases. Need to include: Goals and Objectives, S

    The Research Process: Data, Measurement, and Variables

    Back in 1992, Melissa Chase and Gail Dummer published "The Role of Sports as a Social Determinant for Children" (Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 63, 418-424), containing some data describing the opinions of elementary school kids. Students indicated whether good grades, athletic ability, or popularity was most import

    Characteristics of People in the Workplace

    Think about the characteristics of a person with whom you find it easy to work with and the characteristics of a person with whom you find it difficult to work with. Consider that you need to ask each of these people for a favor at work. What approach might you use when dealing with the easy to work with person? What approach mi

    Wal-Mart's learning and growth processes

    In considering Wal-mart and its learning and growhth processes, identify at least three objectives for improving the organization's learning and growth, and show how they relate to the mission, vision and strategy of the organization. For each objective, develop at least one meaningful performance measure (metric). For each

    Characteristics of a Negotiation

    1. Using an example, describe the characteristics of a negotiation, and discuss how the issues that are negotiated relate to the negotiating parties interest. Use one source in APA Style 2. Identify and explain the issues that might constitute the bargaining mix and initial employment negotiation. Use one source in APA Styl

    Training and Developing Sales Forces

    Some people will say that experience is the best teacher and that professional sales training theory will only take an individual so far. If you are the sales manager, how do you react to this statement? Does sales theory help in being a successful salesperson? Examine the perspective that experience, coupled with theory trainin

    The value of sales training

    The textbook covers a number of phases that provide a foundation for developing a sales training program. Apply the steps from figure 7-1 of the textbook to construct a training model if you were asked to train salespeople to sell the value of the Kaplan University's MBA program? Within your response, include and cite a relevant

    Effects of Parochialism and Ethnocentrism

    1. What are the effects of parochialism and ethnocentrism? How would employees behave if they had those characteristics? How would one respond to workers from another country if they demonstrated those traits? 2. Theory Z adapts selected Japanese management practices to the U.S. environment. Speculate on the reasons some US

    Using power in a managerial position

    Hello I need help responding to the following: 1. Power has been defined as the ability to alter another person's behavior. In what ways can a manager use position power to alter someone's behavior? 2. Suppose your boss suggested that your contribution to the department would be stronger if you could draw on a more vers

    Strategy Mapping & the Learning and Growth Perspective

    Explain the process of strategy mapping and how it relates to performance management and establishing value propositions. You may discuss this theoretically or use the Glacier Inn case study presented in the Armitage and Scholey (2009) document in your readings to serve as an example for integrating these ideas. Alternatively,

    Wal-Mart's strategies

    What are the primary strategies that Wal-Mart uses? Please see attached document for full question formatting. Wal-Mart the discount merchandiser began by putting large stores in small Sunbelt towns that its competitors had neglected. The company then wrapped its stores in concentric rings around regional distribution centers

    Internal Analysis and SWOT Analysis of the Kraft Foods Group

    Step One: Conduct a critical and thorough internal analysis of the Kraft Foods Group, assessing as many of the company's internal strengths and weaknesses as you can. Incorporate the results of your RBV analysis from the SLP exercise into your discussion. Also, consider the operations, customer service, finance, human resources

    Creating a Motivational Environment

    Creating a motivational environment or a scenario that allows salespeople to achieve success can be accomplished through many methods. Do research and choose a sales contest for the salespeople who work for a company (you may choose the example). Name the brand, the product, and describe the details of the incentive program. Wit

    Decision making and external factors that influence it

    Sometimes social influences and societal pressures can influence decision making for the better and sometimes for the worse. In addition to these pressures, there are risks that need to be evaluated and measured when making decisions. In this assignment, you will reflect on decisions you made using social influence, persuasion,

    Innovation-based Strategy vs. Speed-based Strategy

    1) Analyze how the different types of decisions made by a company are affected by its strategy. 2) Give an example of a situation in which two companies, one with an innovation-based strategy and the other with a speed-based strategy, would make different decisions in similar circumstances.

    Determine the best crop based upon given decision models.

    A farmer in Holland must decide which crop to plant next season: Wheat, corn, or Barley. The return on each will be determined by weather conditions. The profit the farmer will realize from each crop, given the weather conditions, is shown in the following table: State of Nature

    Communication and people management

    a. Draw a project organization chart. What were the real relationships? b. Should leaders have been left to run the project? Would training have helped? c. How should the Woody 2000 project plan be communicated and when? d. What communication ( coordination ) would you expect to see during execution?

    Contracting for engineering and construction services

    a. What were the contracting alternatives open to Woody's? Which would have been best and what would that have involved? b. How should the contracts(s) be organized and tendered? c. How should they be administered ? d. Were the original Woody 2000 project's requirements delivered?