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Strategy and Business Analysis

Single Product Development Risks

Many small businesses are built around one product. What risks does this approach impose? How can small business owners minimize those risks?

Top Considerations for Media Schedule

If you were a media planner for a large Fortune 500 company (your choice) what would be your top three strategic considerations when developing a media schedule?

When Do Acquirers Earn Abnormal Returns?

Please critique the article, providing a literature review with an analysis of the methodology and key findings. Capron, L., & Pistre, N. (2002). When do acquirers earn abnormal returns? Strategic Management Journal, 23(9), 781-794.

Long Run Performance of UK Acquiring Firms

Please critique the following article and identify methodology, gap and key findings Reference: Limmack, R. J. (1997), Discussion of An Examination of the Long Run Performance of UK Acquiring Firms. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 24: 1003-1007. doi: 10.1111/1468-5957.00147.

Senior vs. Youth Cell Phone Feature Usage

Consider this scenario: Talkaphone, Inc. discovered that teenagers preferred text messaging and that senior citizens preferred cell phones that could take pictures. They also discovered that it was too expensive to provide the highest quality of both these functions in a cell phone so they decided to provide a second-tier leve

Key Success Factors (KSFs) of Apple, Inc.

The assignment is to write a 3-4 page paper on the key success factors (KSFs) of Apple addressing the below questions and using 4 or more web references. Please ensure I can pull up these references to read more about them and also incorporate them into my work. Thanks! 1) KSFs are those attributes and competencies that hav

Obama: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that"

I am having trouble answering why President Obama recently stated "If you've got a business, you didn't build that," Obama said. "Somebody else made that happen." Is this an accurate statement? What is the government's role in building businesses and creating jobs?

Inaccurate Stereotype

Sometimes an employee or co-worker surprises others at work through his/her expressed abilities that go beyond what is expected based upon his/her gender, age, religion, race, color or national origin. If you have witnessed someone who achieves beyond the stereotype held by others at work or at school, please summarize what you

Procedure Risks for Treating an Infant with Syphillis

A young child's parent has a history of contracting syphilis so it was decided to give the child treatment from congenital syphilis. Namely, a prescription of one (1) dose of Benzathine Penicillin G150, 000U IM. Unfortunately, the attending pharmacist misread the dose as 500,000 units/kg - the dosage typically used to treat

Risk in Treating Infant Syphilis

An infant was born to a mother with a prior history of syphilis; decision was made to treat the infant from congenital syphilis. Order was written for one dose of "Benzathine Pen (penicillin G150, 000U IM". Physicians, nurses, and pharmacist unfamiliar with the treatment, Pharmacist misread the dose in both sources as 500,000 u

The Too Big to Fail methodology and why intervention is necessary

Please analyzing any company/business (like AIG, Citi or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) that's "a too big fail" and why a government intervention is necessary! Basically, why some companies (like banks) are labeled "too big fail, while others are not" and why a government bell-out is necessary to these companies/businesses while o

Transportation Costs between production and warehouse facilities

Please use Microsoft Excel Solver tool There are production facilities in Battle Creek, Cherry Creek, and Dee Creek with annual capacities of 500 units, 400 units, and 600 units, respectively. The annual demands at warehouses in Worchester, Dorchester, and Rochester are 300 units, 700 units, and 400 units, respectively. The

Designing New Products

Consider this: Lee Peterson has invented a new product that detects water leaks due to broken pipes and sends out an alarm similar to a smoke alarm. However, Lee has very little personal money to invest in this new product. He finally raised enough money to enter the market and began to experience some success. The product was n

Social Computing - an overview

Read SOCIAL COMPUTING: AN OVERVIEW by Manoj Parameswaran 1. Identify the main topic/question 2. Identify the author's intended audience 3. Critique the article and share your thoughts��"what appears to be valid and invalid? 4. Do you agree with the author's assertions? Why, or why not? 5. Discuss the best methods of m

Business Resilience and Recovery Program

Case Study Rio Tinto is now facing a main issue of recommencing their business. To approach this issue, they built up their business resilience team to ensure their employees were safe and what they can provide to their main customers and suppliers. There is a coordinated framework named Business Resilience and Recovery Program

Library of customer success stories

A consulting company that provides software and services relating to business intelligence and analytic has a library of customer success stories on its website at: http://www.sas.com/success/indexByTopic.html#1000.1001.0000. Select and read one of the success stories relating to Activity-Based Management. Summarize the s

Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed Methods Problem Statement

Is the following a problem/purpose statement for a Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed Methods Problem Statement? As airlines continue to merge, smaller airlines and formerly industry leaders are forced to reevaluate their business models. They need to reexamine their competitive advantage, their method of services delivery, a

Business: Strategic Initiatives for Resolving Issues

Choose an organization you are familiar with and conduct some online research of the company's goals, mission, and vision. Now, conduct a similar search on challenges the company recently faced. You may find these challenges on the company's Web site or other Web sites. Determine what the company's strategic initiatives must be

Strategic formulation process

What is the strategic formulation process, and what are the two primary processes in the strategic formulation process? Text Book: Deresky, H. (2011). International management: Managing across borders and cultures (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Brand Names and Strategy

Each brand has a strategy that they adopt to enter the market and to hopefully gain a foothold in the market. These strategies need to be revisited and adjusted to remain competitive. Select and evaluate at least three brand names and defend each brand's supporting branding and positioning strategy.

Co-Evolutionary Gaming and Group Decision Making

How can co-evolutionary gaming facilitate group decision making and what are its limitations? Article: Cares, Jeff; Miskel, Jim. (2007). Take Your Third Move First. Harvard Business Review, Vol. 85 Issue 3, 20-21.

Industry Collaboration

--What are the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating for research and product development? --Why would an industry "gang up" on one company that comes out with a new technology? Could this ever cause the company with the new technology to allow the technology to be more open?

Restructuring Strategy

What are the reasons a company would use a restructuring strategy, and what are the common ways restructuring occurs?

Interpolating Data - Determining Average Values

Under Federal Tab 1, find two ways to interpolate the data. Review District of Columbia observations and determine whether each is an outlier and if so, determine the replacement value. For each of the four variables in federal data, determine the average value for each value used with the missing value unchanged. Using the

World Vision and AIDS

"World Vision International's AIDS Imitative: Challenging a Global Partnership". 1 Why has World Vision been so successful? How did it grow so fast and so effectively? 2. How did this organization become so adaptive and responsive? What led to these important changes in its basic "business model?" Would you answer the f

Alliances with Companies

Strategic alliances and joint ventures are often preferred strategies to enter foreign markets and to avoid classic mistakes such as the cookie example. Has your organization (choose examples from among your team members) been successful in forming alliances with companies in other countries? Why or why not? What advice would yo

The Business Environment

1. Describe the role of business in the economy. 2. Compare and contrast the roles of for-profit and nonprofit organizations in the economy. 3. Discuss the impact of current fiscal and monetary policy on the economy. 4. Select a product or service with which you are familiar and outline a strategy for accessing global markets

Strategy Innovation Question

Design a creativity training program. Describe the elements you would include in the program and explain the rationale of each one. Why is it important that a company have a well-defined process for strategically managing its new product development process?