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Virtual Team - Innovative Packaging

Assume you have been assigned to lead a team tasked with developing an innovative way to package a new product that would inexpensive to ship while still being durable enough not to get damaged. The goal is to do this in an environmentally and socially responsible way. The team is composed of members from a variety of different departments as well as from regional offices throughout the world, so some will be attending meetings virtually.

In this case specifically do you think the requirement of an "environmentally freely" solution might create an issue given different cultures definition and awareness of adverse environmental impact? As a leader how would you address that aspect of the requirement for the cross-cultural team?

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Environment friendly packing requirement:

The environmental impact is a direct function of human desires for physical comfort, mobility, relief from labor, enjoyment, power, status, personal security, maintenance of family tradition, etc. (Stern 2000). The environmental concern has recently become an important consideration in human decision making. However environmental intent of human beings does not always lead to environmental impact. For example, people in the United States believe that not using spray cans can help in protection of ozone layer whereas in reality ozone depleting substances have already been removed from sprays long ago. People's behavior differs ...

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The virtual team for innovative packaging are determined. The aspects of the requirements for the cross-cultural teams are determined.