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Strategy and Business Analysis

Volatility of Demand and Delivery Service Systems

Assume that the volatility of demand on your service delivery system is much higher than that on your manufacturing production system. Your management has indicated that the anticipated inventory storage will smooth the demand in manufacturing, so this will not be a problem. Do you agree or disagree with management? Defend yo

Risk Management: BUYU

BUYU Manufacturing has been contracted to provide SAEL Electronics with printed circuit and motherboards (PC) boards under the following terms: 1. 100,000 PC boards will be delivered to SAEL in one month. 2. In 3 months, SAEL has an option to take the delivery of an additional 100,000 boards by giving BUYU a 30-day notice. 3

Capacity Planning and Queuing Models

On average, 4 customers per hour use the public telephone in the sheriff's detention area, and this use has a Poisson distribution. The length of a phone call varies according to a negative exponential distribution, with a mean of 5 minutes. The sheriff will install a second telephone booth when an arrival can expect to wait 3

Product Components for Adaptation

What are the three major components of a product and what is their importance to product adaptation? Name an American product that has been changed physically to sell in foreign markets and explain the process and the reason. Name an American product that has been changed culturally to sell in foreign markets and explain

Your Ideal Organization

What kind of organization would you like to work for? What would be the best? What would be the most realistic? Think about and discuss its structure, physical environment, lines of communication, treatment of employees, recruitment and promotion practices, policies towards the community and so on. Consider also what y

iPhone - Pricing Strategy and Distribution Channels

I'm working on a project about the iPhone. Please help me with the following: 1) Evaluate the pricing strategy of the product (iPhone). 2) Identify and evaluate the distribution channels employed to distribute the product in question (iPhone). What types of channels are used? List all the channel members and describe their f

Negotiation Strategy and Plan

The organization will focus on developing a sophisticated online web portal infrastructure to support and improve quality service nationally. The progress will be monitor through submission of data, information sharing and monitoring quality improvement enterprises. The main objective of the team members is the designing the org

Hofstede's Value Dimensions

Hofstede's Value Dimensions Please help comparing and contrasting how Hofstede's value dimensions relate to behaviors of managers in the following three countries. Japan, Germany and the United States In the report, these should be analyzed: - Hofstede's Value Dimensions tool. - Relationship between behaviors of managers

Syndication of Information

What is syndication of information? List the types of syndication and explain briefly how syndication and explain briefly how syndication of information helps in the new-economy.

Excel Solver Problem: BW's Food and Drinks

BW's offers a variety of delicious foods and drinks. Management is trying to decide how many employees to schedule over the time period 12 PM - 10 PM on Saturdays. There are two options for employees: Option 1: Part-time employees, who work 4-hour shifts and are paid $8 per hour. These employees could start a shift at 12 PM, 1 P

Operation Management: Libbey's Ruby Glass

1. Disucuss Libbey's innovative approach to developing ruby glass. What is it? How does it work? What are the benefits? etc... 2. Discuss Libbey's approach to making money from bottle making machines.

Solving Questions using Excel

Please assist with the following questions and add solutions to the attached Excel spreadsheets: 1.a) Construct a column chart to visually represent these data (see attachment 1). 1.b) Construct a stacked bar chart to display the sub-categories where relevant. (Note that you will have to compute additional subcategories, for

Excel Solver Problem and Maximum Flows

Problem 1 The network below shows the product flows possible between pairs of six locations. Formulate a Solver model to find the maximal flow possible from Node 1 to Node 6. Caution: The arrows indicate which flows are possible, e.g. product could flow from Node 2 to Node 4 but cannot flow from Node 4 to Node 2. Question: W

Effects of Strategic Alliances

Locate and read three articles on the topic of strategic alliances between Starbucks, Pepsi Co., iTunes, and Barnes and Noble. Analyze the social responsibility issues that arise between strategic alliance partners. Make sure to: - Describe each company. - Describe the strategic alliance and the economic benefit to each comp

Recruitment Strategy for a Computer Support Specialist

You have been asked to recruit for a computer support specialist who assists with LAN/WAN networks in an organization you represent as an HR professional. Filling this position will address an important strategic need for the organization, which is short of people in this area and cannot operate effectively without filling this

Funder Mifflin Inc. Strategic Resources

What role does that of resources and capabilities play in Funder Mifflin Inc's strategy formulation? What are Facebook's key resources? How are Facebook's key resources linked to competitiveness? What are the steps Funder Mifflin Inc. needs to take to put resources and capabilities to work? What are Walt Disney's key resourc

Alignment Importance to a Concept Paper

Why is alignment across all elements of a concept paper important? How does a concept paper set the stage for the research proposal? (Answer provided in approximately 150 words.)

At-Risk Youths - Interview Questions

Hi, I need some ideas for this. What would you say? I'm very nervous. This is to work with at-risk kids in sort of an 'inner city' center. (I also need some questions you believe they will ask and how to answer based on this type of job.) I need to have some sort of revitalization plan, just in case. I am meeting 8 people. W

Viability of a product line 380 word essay with reference

I am looking for a review of three products or services that have declined in consumer demand for the purpose of a discussion with my product manager that is concerned with the future of our product line to better understand the reasons that could result in a popular product becoming unpopular. 380 word essay with reference

Market Research Plan and PR Campaign Strategy

I need help with this assignment. 5. Develop a market research plan to support your PR Campaign strategy development. 150 words 8. Analyze organizational and societal functions of PR in relation to your selected organization. 150 words I have added all the information that I have to complete this assignment. Here's

Best Fit Lines and Relationships

Which would be the best, and why? Thanks. The _____ is the best fitting straight-line drawn through the center of a scatterplot that indicates the relationship between the variables. A. regression line B. negative relationship C. measure of variation D. multiple-baseline

Choose the correct alternative.

A researcher was interested in the emotional effects of music on exam performance. Before their exam, a professor took one group of students into a room in which calming music was played. A different group of students were taken to another room in which new wave hard rock was being played. The students then took the exam and

Choose the correct option.

Which do you think is the best answer and why? The hypothesis predicting that differences exist between the groups being compared is to the hypothesis predicting that no differences exist between the groups being compared as _____ hypothesis is to _____ hypothesis. A. null; alternative B. alternative; null

Example of Sucessfully Merged Organizations

a) Identify two organizations that have successfully merged. b) Describe the factors that you think contributed to the success of the merger identified. c) Hypothesize about two organizations that you think would create a successful merger based on factors such as culture, finance, locations, etc