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Strategy and Business Analysis

What special problem do open-ended questions have?

What special problem do open-ended questions have? How can these be minimized? In what situations are open-ended questions most useful? - Under what conditions would you recommend the following: - Probability sample - Non-probability sample

How can Blockbuster increase the value-added components of its product offerings for customers in order to offset the inconveniences associated with its traditional brick-and-mortar movie rental business?

How can Blockbuster increase the value-added components of its product offerings for customers in order to offset the inconveniences associated with its traditional brick-and-mortar movie rental business? Do you think customers would be willing to incur price increases due to these value-added services? Explain.

Selecting Projects using the Maximum and Maximin Criteria

Shawn would like to open his own business in MA. He is considering opening a clothing store or opening a cake shop i. His decision depends upon whether or not there is any competition for the clothing store or the cake shop. The following payoff table gives details of the states, decision, and outcomes. Decision

Distinquishing Product Offerings

Determine the best way for the health care provider to distinguish its product offerings from those of its competitors. Give some examples to support the response.

For Profit vs. Non-Profit

Discuss some of the inherent difference between for-profit and non-profit organizations that influence different approaches to evaluation for each. Why are these differences so important to understand when considering evaluation? Explain your reasoning and support your opinions by referencing sources such as the textbook or in

Greer Construction Company

Declining profits at Greer Construction Company. The following areas are to be taken into consideration for the declining profits at Greer Construction Company. Introduction: - What are the research questions? - What are the hypotheses? - What variables are to be considered? - What ethical considerations must you

Developing a Strategic Response to "Awards R US"

Betty is the President and CEO of ATT Trophies, a producer of a variety of trophies, awards, plaques, medals, etc. ATT started out as a small, make-to-order order shop producing custom plaques and trophies. These products are typically ordered in small quantities of one to five units, with customized engraving commemorating so

Hucksters in the Classroom Case Study

1. Identify the problems identified in the case. Evaluate the options of possible solutions presented by the authors. 2. Have you had any personal experience with industry-sponsored educational materials? What moral issues, if any, are involved in the affiliation between education and commercial interests? Does commercial int

Parametrics - The Cost of Optical Sensors

You are estimating the cost ($K) of optical sensors based on the power output of the sensor. Using the preliminary calculations from a data set of 8 sensors, determine the equation of the line. ?Y = 2515 ?X = 650 ?XY = 241400 ?X2 = 62600 A - Cost = 3.786 + 6.763 (Power) B - Cost = 0.100 + 306.250 (Power)

Parametrics Question

You have calculated the following power model and associated unit space values: You would select the: Cost=1.72 (horsepower) 0.635 n=6 ?(Y-?) 2 =412 As an alternative you could use the linear equation: Cost = 395.68 + 1.85 (Horsepower) SE=12.25 A) Linear equation because it has a higher standard error than the

Backing up Data

How important is backing up your data to you? What steps do you take or will you take to keep your computer safe and secure? Be thorough and specific in your plans. Include your resources. Interview two other people and report on their backup and security practices.

Parametrics- Log Linear (Power) Model.

A coworker is considering the use of a log linear (power) model using weight to estimate the cost of a manufacturing effort. They have performed the following calculations in log space using natural logarithms. Select the corresponding unit space form of this power model equation. Log Space b1 = 1.455294 b0 = 3.939388 100

Strategic management and external analysis

What are the major components of an external analysis and why is each important in developing and implementing strategy. What approaches, tools or models are used to develop an external analysis, and what are their major components?

The Evolution of Business in the Connected World

Could you please help me with my paper by answering these questions?: In a post-1995 Internet-based world, what strategies have you seen evolve in business? As a scholar-practitioner, what leadership models have you seen evolve in scholarly research?

The Primary Moral Wrong Committed By Sexual Harassment

What do you believe to be the primary moral wrong committed by sexual harassment? Do you believe that there is a single moral wrong that undergirds sexual harassment, or are there several? Be sure to defend your interpretation of the moral foundations of objections against sexual harassment against other interpretations.

Identity Theft and Companies Handling Customer Information

Help with the questions below. What is meant by the term identity theft? What can happen to a person who is the victim of identity theft? In the United States, information that a company collects about the customer is legally the company's property. In the European Union, this information is the individual's property. Ex

Organization integrated evaluation

Discuss a specific situation in your organization (or one with which you are familiar) that requires an integrated approach evaluation. How should you combine formative, summative, and confirmative evaluation methods in this situation? Why? Explain your reasoning and support your opinions by referencing sources such as the textb

Models of Organizatgional Diagnosis

Organizational Diagnosis to determine how various aspects of Skype are aligned such as inputs, resources, productivity, throughput effort, outputs, performance, strategy, etc. See attachment for all the details and outline.

Employment At Will (EAW)

Epstein claims that the positions of both employers and employees are essentially even with regard to EAW. Do you find this argument convincing? Why, or why not?

Large databases and other IT resources formulate basic strategy

Careful assessment of the sources of strategic enterprise information. A short (5-7 pages, not including cover sheet and references) and to the point. It is to be structured as a point/counterpoint argument manner. Need assistance in answering the following question: To what degree should organizations depend on the analys

Errors in questionnaire design.

Why should you be concerned with errors resulting from questionnaire design? How do research design and statistical information affect validity? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using surveys to conduct research? What is an example of a loaded question in a survey?

Gentiva Health Services Accepting Medicare

The president of Gentiva Health Services is considering increasing her number of Medicare patients served next year. However, to do so she must begin to use RNs for client visits, which Medicare reimburses at $45 per visit. An RN costs $35 per hour versus the current cost of $15 for an LPN or nurse's aide. The president believes

Two distinct theories of morally justified whistle-blowing

Davis provides two distinct theories of morally justified whistle-blowing. Which theory do you find more convincing? Why? Appeal to moral theories discussed in Chapter 3 to support your position. Please use: Beauchamp, T. L., Bowie, N. E., & Arnold, D. G. (2009). Ethical theory and business (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ