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Strategy and Business Analysis

Pringly Division: Pricing Strategy for a new product

A meeting of senior managers at the Pringly Division has been called to discuss the pricing strategy for a new product. Part of the discussion will focus on estimating sales for the new product. Over the past years, a number of new products have failed to meet their sales targets. It appears that the company's profit for the yea

Communicating Strategy and Goals

1) Why is it critical that leaders know what they want employees to do before they start communicating strategy? 2) What is the importance of using concrete, physical, and actionable terms when helping employees understand goals?

Business Opportunity to Reach New Customers

Write an essay about a business that you see has an opportunity to reach a business or an organization as a customer. You can either use a real world business or create a business that you want to use. If you are a marketing director of the company, what will be your marketing plan to a business or an organizational customer? Se

Continuous Confirmation in Business Communications

Note the following suggestions for successfully communicating across cultures. Why is it important to use continuous confirmation? - Talk or write as simply and clearly as possible - Word questions carefully - Avoid double questions - Avoid yes/no questions - Avoid negative questions - Use continuous confi

Nike Inc.: Developing an Effective Public Relations Strategy

Design a case study format/presentation that will answer the following questions: 1. What can Nike's Corporate Responsibility team do to improve Nike's public image? 2. How have Nike's attempts to date to address its critics been unsuccessful? 3. What damage, if any has been done to Nike? Has Nike reacted appropriately? Has

Crafting and Executing Strategy

Assume that you are a business owner or business professional, in a company and industry of your choice, responsible for creating and executing the company's strategic plan. 1. Develop an argument supporting the importance of a strategic plan for the success of the defined business. 2. Create a mission statement for the compan

Product Evolution500 word essay with reference

1. Think about a new product that has been launched recently. Provide ideas of what the product evolution might look like in the future? Cell phones, automobiles and books are a few examples. 2. What other things need to be considered when developing a television ad in order for it to be effective? Provide reference.

Determining research questions and hypotheses

Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. How does a researcher determine how many research questions and hypotheses are needed for a particular study? Do all research studies require hypotheses?

Targeted Recruitment Strategy for U.S. Military with examples.

Many organizations adopt a targeted recruitment strategy. As an example, Home Depot has targeted workers age 50 and above in its recruitment efforts. This includes advertising specifically in media outlets frequented by older individuals. Other organizations target recruitment messages at women, minorities, or those with certain

iPhone 5 - Customer Value- how Apple could improve.

According to the information from the Consumer Report, the iPhone 5 has a negative customer value although most of the people see this product as the winner of the smart phones. How could the company improve its brand's perceived customer value of this product?

Evaluating Alternative Courses: Choices

Hi, I need some assistance deciding which option is the best. Monmouth Thermics, a subsidiary of General Standard, is a large conglomerate which manufacturers thermometers. Your primary customers are large companies who purchase the thermometers to use for specialty advertising. Over the last several years, however, low-cost

Quantitative Objects and Variable Types

WidgeCorp became the market leader in snack foods after acquiring a rival company, Company W. Their management style and business decision-making differed. Employees at WidgeCorp collected relevant data and through statistical analysis used this information to draw conclusions and make appropriate recommendations. Company W tend

Failing to Plan

What part does planning play in formulating a report? Is there any truth to the old saying, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail?

Value of a Firm

If investors are rational and managers are overoptimistic, how would the value of the firm change if management were to raise more money for new projects? Would it be worse if the firm raised equity? Substantiate your response. Please use Welch I. (2009). Corporate Finance: An Introduction. Upper saddle River NJ: Prentice-H

An Analysis of Monsanto

Please assist with ideas for a paper on Monsanto. It must include the following: 1. Critically evaluate the company with a detailed SWOT analysis that includes examples and a thorough analysis. 2. What are the key industry and company success factors? 3. Identify with examples and analysis the company's driving forces?

Which businesses maximize shareholder value? Which do not?

Which businesses maximize shareholder value? Which do not? When is shareholder maximization the right goal for management and when shareholder maximization is the wrong goal for management to have? Welch I. (2009). Corporate Finance: An Introduction. Upper saddle River NJ: Prentice-Hall

Types of risk

When Laura was on vacation in the Bahamas, she rented a jet ski. She loved it, so when she returned to Tampa she looked at various types of Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Polaris. She spent considerable time evaluating the various alternatives. As she worked through the decision-making process and came closer to a purchase decision, she

Apple, Google, and Microsoft

Please provide a one paragraph response for each question along with references if applicable. Please provide the responses back in a Word doc ONLY. 1. Compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple, Google, and Microsoft. 2. Why is mobile computing so important to these three firms? Evaluate the mobile platfor

Examples of Competition and Research

The role of research of trends and competitors plays in the decision to open a business. 1. Give a specific example of how research contributed to the success of a business. 2. Give a specific example of how lack of research contributed to the failure of a business. It can be short and brief, but needs to be specific.

Impacts on the U.S. business world.

What topic/issue you think will have an impact (positive or negative) on the business world in the U.S.A (either short-term or long-term) and indicate why you feel this way? Over 400 word essay with reference.

SQL Operator Definitions

SQL is a language used to access and manipulate data that is stored in a database. Most DBMS use SQL to communicate with the underlying database. The DBMS interface allows for SQL commands to be used without the user having to actually know or even see these commands. However, it is important for database administrators and anal

Followers' Perspectives

Explore methods to develop awareness of the perspectives of followers related to their personal values, natural talents, professional goals, and family needs. What role does this knowledge play in developing motivational strategies that further organizational objectives? In your opinion, does the knowledge of follower character

Appropriate Limits of Privacy

In terms of privacy, what are appropriate limits of privacy? Specifically, should there be boundaries on group pressures for intimacy... 1) What about church ministers who encourage people to hug each other, or 2) In groups, being encouraged to disclose more about one's life than is comfortable? Address each one for discussion.

Sampling Risk vs. Detection Risk

There are many different types of risk associated with the auditing process. An effective auditor must take the risks into consideration during the auditing process as well as the relationships between the various risks. Discuss the difference in sampling risk and detection risk as well as the relationship between the two risks.

Discussion of a People Strategy

Hi, I need assistance in composing a total of 4 (250-300 word) original responses to the following question: Why is a people strategy strategic? Provide an example to validate your answer. I am not sure how to approach this question.

J C Penney Failing Strategy

Answer the following questions on the J C Penney organization: - The organization's full name - The purpose for this organization's existence - Why this organization is of interest to you - Availability of publicly available historical data.

Components of a successful brand extension strategy

Strong brand equity makes possible a successful brand extension strategy. Please describe the components of a successful brand extension strategy. Also include in your response an example of a brand that had a successful brand extension and one that was unsuccessful. Explain why these brand extensions succeeded and failed, respe

Adapting Strategic Plans

Morrisey suggests (many times) that strategic planning should be molded to fit an organizations situation. In other words, not all firms may necessarily need to put equal weight on all three phases of strategic planning; strategic thinking, long-range planning and tactical planning. Under what conditions might strategic thinking