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Sucessfully Merged Corporations

a) Identify two organizations that have successfully merged.

b) Describe the factors that you think contributed to the success of the merger identified.

c) Hypothesize about two organizations that you think would create a successful merger based on factors such as culture, finance, locations, etc

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a) Two organizations that have successfully merged.

Disney and Pixar have successfully merged to create Disney-Pixar.

The merger of Disney and Pixar in 2006 was, according to DiMaggio (2009) was 'a match made in heaven'. With the merger, the two companies were able to 'collaborate freely and easily'.

b) Factors that contributed to the success of the merger:

Barnes (2008) specified these factors that contributed to the success of the Disney-Pixar merger:
- Disney made it sure that Pixar's creative culture was protected
- Pixar employees were able to keep their relatively plentiful health benefits and weren't forced to sign employment contracts.
- Pixar kept its e-mail system.
- Nobody was shipped to Walt Disney World in Florida to work a shift, part of the initiation that other executives must endure.
- No switchboard operators at Pixar were asked to end telephone calls with the words 'Have a magical ...

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The solution shows success stories on merger - Disney and Pixar. It also went into the probable success had Microsoft and Intel will merge into a single company.