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    Funder Mifflin Inc. Strategic Resources

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    What role does that of resources and capabilities play in Funder Mifflin Inc's strategy formulation? What are Facebook's key resources? How are Facebook's key resources linked to competitiveness? What are the steps Funder Mifflin Inc. needs to take to put resources and capabilities to work? What are Walt Disney's key resources? What is your strategy recommendation for Funder Mifflin Inc.?

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    DATE: 11/2/2012

    Mr. Myers, here is the analysis you requested on what strategic resources will be necessary for Funder Mifflin, Inc. to obtain before we start our new social networking site. I have also done some research on Facebook and the Walt Disney Company to analyze what their key resources are.

    Role of Resources and Capabilities in Strategy Formulation
    It is important to understand that our strategy for Funder Mifflin Inc. is going to be based off our resources and our capabilities. There has been more of an emphasis put towards this because the company's external environments have become more and more unstable. So instead it has become more common for industries to use their internal resources and capabilities instead and the reason we would do this is because it is viewed as being more stable and secure for formulating strategies. Our resources and capabilities here at Funder Mifflin Inc. will be the primary source of profitability for us. Our external environment is always rapidly changing so if we use our internal resources and capabilities we will be able to have a more secure long term strategy. You have to ask yourself this question "What happens when our core product faces imminent obsolescence, should we still focus our strategy on our customers need or on deploying our resources and capabilities into other markets?" The answer to this is that in order for Funder Mifflin Inc. to grow and to have a successful long term strategy we need to use our internal resource and capabilities to leverage us into other markets and we will be able to do this through our social networking site.

    Facebook's Key Resources
    If we look at Facebook we can try to determine what their strategy was when they created it and what it is now. Almost all strategic management research suggests that companies will be able to achieve sustainable competitive advantage if they possess valuable, rare and inimitable resources and ...