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    Product Evolution

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    1. Think about a new product that has been launched recently. Provide ideas of what the product evolution might look like in the future? Cell phones, automobiles and books are a few examples.
    2. What other things need to be considered when developing a television ad in order for it to be effective?

    Provide reference.

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    In order to stay competitive within any industry, manufacturers must continue to reach out to their "strategic thinkers" in order to stay outside of the competitive box. As technology continues to evolve, these same strategic thinkers have to look to technological resources in order to stay a step ahead of domestic and foreign competitors in order to establish a loyal customer base. Staying agile and flexible is the foundation of senior leaderships approach to this. Leaders in all organizations must find creative ways to encourage and support the creation and implementation of new ideas from employee to supervisor level. Effective leaders will often use brainstorming sessions to generate a group consensus for innovation and change that may impact everything from the break room to monetary realms of the ...

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    Regardless of the industry, product evolution is the most important aspect of the organization in question. In order to stay competitive the organization must continue to rely on innovative ideas to maintain the demand of their consumer base and stay a top of their competition. Below is a review what things are needed to be considered when developing products.