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Strategy and Business Analysis

Give your views on the significance of extranets to include the following

Give your views on the significance of extranets to include the following: Advantages and disadvantages of a company creating an extranet that gives partners, suppliers, and customers access to service or in-house information Importance of extranets in today's businesses. Why the benefits of extranets are or are not worth

Accuracy Levels

In your opinion, is it important for the researcher and the marketing manager to discuss the accuracy level associated with the research project at hand?

Systematic Sampling and Simple Random Sampling

Please help answer the following questions. In what ways is a systematic sample more efficient than a simple random sample? In what way is systematic sampling less representative of the population than simple random sampling?

Decision Models

What is a decision model and what are the three types of inputs common to decision models?

Strategic Implementation

You are now in charge of an Non-profit organization of choice. Describe the controls you would want to review to determine if the organization and the individuals are moving in the correct direction. List the top three measurement controls you would want to see.

Productivity Improvements

1. Consider Shipment productivity. Think of one way that you could improve shipment productivity and explain. 2. Think of one other Productivity Measure you might use at a beer distribution company and explain how you would calculate it. And then how would use it to improve productivity?

Queues Compared to System Dynamics

Based on system dynamics, you have seen that in a system, different entities flow into and accumulate in stocks and then flow out, sometimes into another stock. This is similar to items in a queue or waiting line. But there are some aspects that are different from queues when comparing to system dynamics. For example, water cann

Capacity Planning

How is capacity like the size of the hoses and tub in which water is flowing. Consider that there may be multiple tubs and hoses in a manufacturing business, as well as in other businesses. What role does customer demand play in capacity planning? Why is it necessary to do both short term and long term planning? What role does L

Market Research Methodologies

Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch is concerned about the shifting attitudes of the public regarding the consumption of alcohol. However, managers think that scotch whiskey may be seen differently because it is normally consumed in small quantities as opposed to beer, wine, or even other hard liquors such as vodka. Select two projec

Learning and Growth Perspective

Propose a metric that could be used to quantify this. The learning and growth perspective assesses employee ability and the quality of information systems, along with the effects of operational alignment in supporting the accomplishment of organizational goals. These processes will only succeed if adequately skilled and motiv

Review the Johnson and Johnson case study.

Review the Johnson and Johnson case study. 1. Discuss Johnson & Johnson's approach to providing an IT infrastructure to support its one-face-to-the-customer strategy. 2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach?

Business Process Perspective: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart believes they can take better care of the employee needs in terms of benefits and compensation and simply does not want any interference form a union. The labor unions disagree on this matter as they believe all of Wal-Mart's employee's part-time/full-time and minimum wage earners deserve health care packages. What

Weekly Discussion Questions

How might inventory and accounts receivables be leveraged for short-term financing? Suppose you own a water purification company that sells and installs reverse osmosis systems for homes and businesses. You have a large profitable job lined up two months away, but after buying all of the supplies, you do not have enough capital

Mary Kay: Organization, Business, and Information Systems Strategy

Mary Kay, Inc., sells facial skin care products and cosmetics around the globe. The business model is to provide one-on-one, highly personalized service. More than 500,000 Independent Beauty Consultants (IBCs) sell in 29 markets worldwide. Each IBC runs his or her own business by developing a client base and then providing se

Business Analysis - Walmart

What are your thoughts on the position of Wal-Mart in the retail distribution industry. You may also choose to compare Wal-Mart's business model to that of its competitors.

Applying the economic order quantity formula

Apply the economic order quantity formula to the data in Example 2-2 and reproduce the answer of 2,828 units. Also, calculate the total annual cost incurred for the economic order quantity. Submit your solution. EXAMPLE 2-2 Consider a hardware supply warehouse that is contractually obligated to deliver 1,000 units of a sp

Role of Business' Social Responsibility Central to Advertising

1. Why is the role of business' social responsibility so central to the question of advertising? 2. Discuss the relationship between bioethics and absolute liability. What implications does this relationship have for business? 3. Evaluate the differences between the old and new social contracts between employer and employee. D

Cardinal Health

a) Cardinal Health has grown through acquisitions (inorganic growth). What trade-offs, strengths, and weaknesses are associated with this growth strategy? b) Were all of the acquisitions driven by the same strategic logic?

Facebook Case Study

Please assist with the following questions: 1. What is the nature of the external environment surrounding Facebook. 2. What is the kind of corporate-level strategy that Facebook is pursuing. 3. What recommendations for Facebook.

GM's High Operating Leverage Problem

Standard & Poor's published a report on to address "questions that have been asked frequently'' about its credit rating of General Motors (GM). The rating company says the most frequently asked questions concern the consequences of the automaker losing its BBB- grade and falling to junk. Additionally, there are questions of why

Case Study: Business and Society

1. What are the major and minor ethical issues involved in this case? 2. Who are the stakeholders and what are their stakes? How do legitimacy, power, and urgency factor in? Do these companies care about consumers? Discuss. 4. Who is at fault in the tire separation controversy? Bridgestone/Firestone? Ford Motor Company? Th

Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts

Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 3 Determine which level of measurement? nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio?is used in the following examples. - The Association of Accountants is conducting a survey to determine the ranking of the top 100 accounting firms in the world. - How many years did it

Pinnacle Machine Tool Company Case Study

Pinnacle Machine Tool Company Don Anglos had to decide whether to trust his gut or his head, and he had to make that decision by next week's board meeting. Either way, he knew he was bound to make at least a member or two of his senior management team unhappy. The question at hand was whether Pinnacle Company, the small, pub


If you had been Ken Lay, how would you have established a system to assist you in managing the ethical culture of the organization (considering you employed 30,000 in 30 countries) and prevent the misconduct that occurred?

Discuss the many costs

Discuss the many costs that businesses face today. Is it always practical to test new ideas via a 'real life' study- with participants, facilities, etc? If not, how can a simulation be utilized to test ideas while keeping costs manageable? If a simulation is used, what steps are needed in order to have a successful model?

What is the meaning of research is organized curiosity?

Class Objectives: *Apply critical thinking. *Evaluate the relevance, re ability and objectivity of sources. *Identify the characteristics pf a good resource as it releases to a specific topic. What is the meaning of research is organized curiosity? How can you use research and questioning skills in your workplace? How c