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    Transformation and IT Strategy

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    1) One change method is to encourage testing activities throughout the change process. "Piloting" ideas throughout the change process gives opportunities that are safe to challenge the current approaches. This also creates a mind-set of continuous improvement. How or where could you try this now? What are different ways to test whether this would work?

    2) Another method for dealing with change is to respond constructively to failure. How leaders respond to "failure" or less successful ideas will shape their attitude toward risk taking. What can you learn from this? What should you do differently? How can you support the individual taking the risks?

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    1) I would implement and try the methodology of encouraging testing activities throughout the change process by analyzing the efficiency and or inefficiency of each step within the change process in order to ascertain its reliability and effectiveness in the helping to promote the other steps within the overall change management process paradigm. I will statistically analyze the effect of each activity within the change process, and if a given activity was at least 80% effective in promoting the overall change ...