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Using an Action Plan to Transform a Strategy

How can action plans help to transform a strategy from a corporate ideology to a means of fulfilling the organization's goals with stakeholder buy-in, even at the lowest levels?

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//Prior to explain the transformation of a strategy; it is better to understand the 'Concept of Action Plan'. The understanding of this will help the reader to understand the process of transformation of strategy. In this series, the first part of the discussion includes the introduction of the Action Plan. //

Action Plans

Every organization has a short-term and a long-term objective to achieve its goals. In fact, each objective entails an action plan. This action plan helps the manager to plan proper actions, coordinate activities of the team and keep projects on schedule. It states the basic steps which should be followed to achieve the ...

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The response addresses the concept of having an action plan for stakeholders in 310 words with APA references.