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Kantian Arguments

Explain the Kantian arguments Denis Arnold and Norman Bowie use in "Sweatshops and Respect for Persons" to support the claim that MNEs have duties to ensure that their off-shore contract factories meet minimum safety standards and provide a living wage for employees. Explain Ian Maitland's argument that improving health and safety conditions and improving wages will cause greater harm than good. With whom do you agree more? Explain.


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According to the Kantian argument people raise themselves by acting in a manner consistent with human dignity. There is a need to respect both ourselves and others. According to Kantian argument human dignity is compromised when MNE managers allow unsafe working conditions, use coercion, violate or tolerate violations of law, or offer below subsistence level wages. When these actions are carried out there is disrespect for the MNEs and the workers. The argument is ...

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