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Implications of Business Fraud

Data analysis and all other resources are linked to this case and you want to research and prepare a report that summarizes the following questions relevant to data analysis on a specific organization of your choice.
1. How did the company you have researched use or misuse data to support their decisions?
2. What were the results?
3. What are the limitations and significance of the data?
4. What are ethical implications of data misuses in this case?

Timmons, H. (2009). Satyam Chief Admits Huge Fraud. Retrieved September 3, 2012 from

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auAs technology continues to evolve, so does that of the business world in order to maintain market dominance in their said industry. In saying this, business fraud has become bigger then ever. Law enforcement and industry monitors have emplaced policies and reporting systems in order to deter and/or report business fraud. In 2009 the chief of Satyam Computer Services that is responsible for outsourcing reported a nonexistent asset report for 2nd quarter in the amount of 1.04 billion dollars. The falsified report sent the Indian industry and stock market into a downward spiral. The business fraud itself was reported by the person who actually committed the crime, Mr. Ramalinga Raju, in which he stated that he had systematically falsified accounts ...

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Over 250 word response with reference that discusses business fraud as well as provides an real example of business fraud.