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Strategy and Business Analysis

The Objective of Experimental Design

In your opinion, what is the objective of good experimental design? Give an example of an experiment which would be considered a quasi-experimental design. Explain why your example would qualify as a quasi-experimental design and describe the value of your design example to the research community. Please use Burns, A. C. & B

Business Process Perspective: Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart believes they can take better care of the employee needs in terms of benefits and compensation and simply does not want any interference form a union. The labor unions disagree on this matter as they believe all of Wal-Mart's employee's part-time/full-time and minimum wage earners deserve health care packages. What

you-oriented memo

A customer has asked for a refund on a computer purchased from you. Your boss has looked at the situation and finds the request unreasonable. The product in question has been repaired and returned and the customer admits continuing to use it, but complains that it does not do everything your firm advertised it would. Write a for

Apple and Philips: Review of 2011 Annual Report

Refer to the latest annual financial statements for the two following companies: Apple and Philips. Generally, this information is found in the Investor Relations area of the website. In here you need to use the most current annual financial statements at least 2010-2011 at the minimun. Clearly identify the companies, the ti

Weekly Discussion Questions

How might inventory and accounts receivables be leveraged for short-term financing? Suppose you own a water purification company that sells and installs reverse osmosis systems for homes and businesses. You have a large profitable job lined up two months away, but after buying all of the supplies, you do not have enough capital

Mary Kay: Organization, Business, and Information Systems Strategy

Mary Kay, Inc., sells facial skin care products and cosmetics around the globe. The business model is to provide one-on-one, highly personalized service. More than 500,000 Independent Beauty Consultants (IBCs) sell in 29 markets worldwide. Each IBC runs his or her own business by developing a client base and then providing se

Business Analysis - Walmart

What are your thoughts on the position of Wal-Mart in the retail distribution industry. You may also choose to compare Wal-Mart's business model to that of its competitors.

Applying the economic order quantity formula

Apply the economic order quantity formula to the data in Example 2-2 and reproduce the answer of 2,828 units. Also, calculate the total annual cost incurred for the economic order quantity. Submit your solution. EXAMPLE 2-2 Consider a hardware supply warehouse that is contractually obligated to deliver 1,000 units of a sp

Executives & Free Speech on Line

Under what circumstances should company executives share their thoughts in various online forums? Is it ever appropriate for them to do so under an alias? Consider the Whole Foods' CEO case - was it a case of free speech or public relations manipulation?

Role of Business' Social Responsibility Central to Advertising

1. Why is the role of business' social responsibility so central to the question of advertising? 2. Discuss the relationship between bioethics and absolute liability. What implications does this relationship have for business? 3. Evaluate the differences between the old and new social contracts between employer and employee. D

Kroft Foods: Operation Management

Kroft Foods makes cheese to supply to stores in its area. The dairy can make 350 pounds of cheese per day, and the demand at area stores is 205 pounds per day. Each time the dairy makes cheese, it costs $175 to set up the production process. The annual cost of carrying a pound of cheese in a refrigerated storage area is $12.

Cardinal Health

a) Cardinal Health has grown through acquisitions (inorganic growth). What trade-offs, strengths, and weaknesses are associated with this growth strategy? b) Were all of the acquisitions driven by the same strategic logic?

using quantitative research

In which of the following scenarios would you most strongly recommend using quantitative research? A. When the objective is to identify new ideas and thoughts for a product. B. When you have very limited time to execute the study. C. When the objective is to understand hidden underlying psychological processes. D.

Statistical Analysis of Liquified Natural Gasoline Prices

The following data represent the price of liquefied natural gasoline (LNG) at self-service stations in four counties in New York City and two suburban counties in a recent week. The data is also included in the Excel spreadsheet Problem C. Manhattan Bronx Queens Brooklyn Nassau Suffolk 2.339 2.199 2.239 2.259 2.199 2.179

Facebook Case Study

Please assist with the following questions: 1. What is the nature of the external environment surrounding Facebook. 2. What is the kind of corporate-level strategy that Facebook is pursuing. 3. What recommendations for Facebook.

GM's High Operating Leverage Problem

Standard & Poor's published a report on to address "questions that have been asked frequently'' about its credit rating of General Motors (GM). The rating company says the most frequently asked questions concern the consequences of the automaker losing its BBB- grade and falling to junk. Additionally, there are questions of why

Case Study: Business and Society

1. What are the major and minor ethical issues involved in this case? 2. Who are the stakeholders and what are their stakes? How do legitimacy, power, and urgency factor in? Do these companies care about consumers? Discuss. 4. Who is at fault in the tire separation controversy? Bridgestone/Firestone? Ford Motor Company? Th

Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts

Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 3 Determine which level of measurement? nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio?is used in the following examples. - The Association of Accountants is conducting a survey to determine the ranking of the top 100 accounting firms in the world. - How many years did it

Operation Management Determination

The Wallace stationary company purchases paper from the Seaboard Paper Company. Wallace produces stationary that require 1,415,000 sq. yards of stationary per year. The cost per order for the company is $2,200; the cost of holding 1 yard of paper in inventory is $.08 per year. Determine the following: A. Economic order quant


If you had been Ken Lay, how would you have established a system to assist you in managing the ethical culture of the organization (considering you employed 30,000 in 30 countries) and prevent the misconduct that occurred?

Discuss the many costs

Discuss the many costs that businesses face today. Is it always practical to test new ideas via a 'real life' study- with participants, facilities, etc? If not, how can a simulation be utilized to test ideas while keeping costs manageable? If a simulation is used, what steps are needed in order to have a successful model?

What is the meaning of research is organized curiosity?

Class Objectives: *Apply critical thinking. *Evaluate the relevance, re ability and objectivity of sources. *Identify the characteristics pf a good resource as it releases to a specific topic. What is the meaning of research is organized curiosity? How can you use research and questioning skills in your workplace? How c