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Propose a metric that could be used to quantify this.

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Propose a metric that could be used to quantify this.

The learning and growth perspective assesses employee ability and the quality of information systems, along with the effects of operational alignment in supporting the accomplishment of organizational goals. These processes will only succeed if adequately skilled and motivated employees, supplied with accurate and timely information are driving this dimension. To achieve sustainability, the organization must reinvent itself to fit the ever-evolving business markets. Learning and growth measures identify the infrastructure most appropriate to the firm from human resources, leadership, organizational systems and procedures.

One critical measure of the learning and growth perspective that is sometimes difficult to measure involves employee satisfaction, retention and the development of their skills. This effort begins with the question of, "What do we need to deliver?" This dimension focuses on developing a corporate culture of values, relationships, behaviors, and productivity. These aspects also require refinements which may involve increasing employee satisfaction by salary and benefit enhancements to solidify retention of a highly qualified workforce. It also involves better communication strategies, along with the incorporation of employee development and training. This perspective develops the performance of the key internal processes which drive this important segment of the business.

It is imperative that all goals and objectives within the various internal business units align with the overall corporate strategic goals, vision, and mission. Once the strategy has been created, the balanced scorecard (implementation and metrics) must be communicated to all the employees, so they understand their individual contribution to the implementation of the corporate goals. Continuing special attention must be paid to employee satisfaction and motivation, while learning and growth objectives are continually assessed and refined, along with a recurrent focus on the capabilities of internal information systems.

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Your tutorial offers you five objectives and related measures for the learning and growth perspective of the balanced scorecard.

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Potential metrics for Learning and Growth:

Objective: employee satisfaction
Measure: Employee satisfaction rating on annual survey

Objective: ...

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