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Defect Removal Efficiency Metric

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Please elaborate on 'Defect Removal Efficiency' metric. How would this metric be specifically derived or computed? How would it be used by (and for) project management?

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Defect-removal efficiency is one of the important metrics used for quality analysis of software that helps minimizing schedules and costs while maximizing the efficiency (Jones, 1996). Defect-removal efficiency indicates the percentage of bugs removed in any software. Software firms can achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction if the value of the defect-removal efficiency is above 85% (Jones, 1996). Hence, this metric could be quite useful in the context of project management, as it gives useful information for the project manager. The deficiency-removal metric also assists the project manager in controlling project costs and schedules. For instance, a deficiency-removal efficiency of 95% could help project managers in reducing the ...

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This solution elaborates on the defect removal efficiency metric. This metric is used in the development of customer relationship management software.