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Strategy and Business Analysis

Political Risk and Pricing for Starwood and Marriott hotels

Both Starwood Hotels (Sheraton, W-hotels, and The Westin are some of their brands), and Marriott own hotels and resorts in Venezuela. From the perspective of political risk, should these firms sell their properties in Venezuela? And, if a firm (for example: Starwood Hotels) decides to sell its properties in Venezuela, should o

analyze the degree of alignment

700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze the individual values and the organization's values as reflected by the organization's plans and actions. Include the following in your paper: Only this: Analyze the degree of alignment between the organization's stated values and the organization's actual plans and actions.

Strategic Hospitality Questions

1.) What is strategic management? What role does strategic management play in the hospitality industry? How could a hospitality organization use strategic management to increase profitability? 2.) What is guest recovery? Why is it important to a hospitality organization? What guest recovery strategies can a hospitality orga

Discuss core competency, key staff characteristics, structure

See the attached file. Drawing from the attached, discuss the relationship between your organization's skills and staff characteristics. The following questions need to be answered: 1. What is the organization's chief skill (core competency)? 2. What are its key staff characteristics and how do they operate?

Reducing Customer Defection Rate

Today, companies are increasingly concerned about customer defection. There are three main steps a company can take to reduce the defection rate. Characterize those three steps.

List three best practices that would benefit any small business

? Considering the elements of microeconomics, create a list of three (3) best practices that would benefit any small business or start-up. Explain your rationale. ? Chapter 3 discusses three (3) types of economic systems: capitalism, planned economies (socialism and communism), and mixed market economies. Create and describe

L&D Function Behaviorism versus Constructivism

A strong behaviorist approach to learning focuses on discrete tasks that are built up until they become a complex behavior. A strong constructivist (situated learning) approach focuses on creating environments for interaction that call out the experiences and guide integration of experiences into a complex social interaction tha

Vendor and Buyer

Examining the various aspects of the vendor and buyer relationship. Discuss what you feel is important for creating and maintaining productive vendor relationships from a buyer perspective. Discuss how this is different from the vendor's perspective. Examine the risks and rewards involved with exclusive vendor relationships. For

Whole Food's Primary Vendors & their Relationship

Talk about "Whole Foods" List the retailer's primary vendors and describe their relationship. Consider product, logistics, and support services; do not focus solely on merchandise

Product Strategy for the IPhone and the Body Bugg

See attached file. Part I Please see the attached for a review of the IPhone. What other messaging would be successful for the specific brand and why? Part II Please see the attached for a review of the Body Bugg. What other new media tools could be added to the messaging strategy for the brand? Please include at

Describe the relationship Between Business and Society

In your opinion, how would you describe the relationship between business and society? P.S: Please provide an in-depth analysis and critique of the subjects presented in the assignments. Provided adequate justification and evidence supporting the opinion expressed. All written assignments and responses should follow APA ru

Strategic Challenges Faces Apple

In recognition of current market trends, Steve Jobs claimed that he wanted to transform the company by making the Mac the hub of the consumers' digital lifestyle. Despite Apple Computer's recent successes, the company is facing an ever-changing competitive environment on multiple fronts. 1. What are the key strategic challen

Analyze the Case for C&C Grocery

See attached case file for C&C Grocery. 1. Using a discussion of the types of effectiveness approaches, describe the current and proposed structure of C&C Grocery. Explain in detail. 2. Which of Porter's Competitive Strategies and Miles/Snow's Strategy Typology describe the role of consultant? Be Specific... 3. Which of t

Meg Wheatley

Like others you have viewed in this YouTube series, Meg Wheatley is an outstanding organizational consultant. Among her major accomplishments include work on Action Learning with the US Army. View the two clips that feature Meg discussing engagement and conversation. Of the ten principles Meg speaks of which ones are most sig

Client organization

Utilizing the chart on p. 209 in The Performance Consultant's Field Book identify the key measures that are used in your client organization for measuring results. Is your client focusing on the correct measurements to achieve the organizational goal? Discuss your findings

Elements of Design Strategy

? What is design? How is design important to an organization? What would happen if design-principled problem solving was applied to your organization? Explain. ? What are the elements of design strategy? Why would different countries use different design strategies? In your opinion, are foreign design strategies more or less

Biddy's Bakery: Capacity needs, corporate strategy

What are the challenges Elizabeth faced in meeting her capacity needs and what she should have considered before moving into the larger facility? What is wrong with the proposal made by the team of the business students and why. Explain how the business would be different if Elizabeth accepts the proposal made by the student

Peter Drucker Says

Peter Drucker is revered as the Father of Modern Management but his influence goes beyond the field of management. View the 'Peter Drucker Says' interview and share your comments and insights on his wisdom. (4:29)

Caterpilla: Performance Consultant's Strategic Influence

View the clip on about Caterpillar- Running Learning Like a Business (2:37) Comment on Dave Vance's (former President of Caterpillar University) view of performance consulting. What parts of his discussion point out the strategic influence a performance consu

Write a memo critically analyzing Old Navy's promotion strategy to target men

Read this story: Anonymous (2011), Old Navy Campaign Targets Men. Advertising Age June 18. Imagine you have been hired as a consultant to the VP of marketing for Old Navy. The VP wants to get an objective opinion from someone outside the company who is familiar with current marketing basics. Assignment: (1) Write a memo

Why do buyers and vendors form partnerships

Why do buyers and vendors form partnerships? What do vendors need to know about a retailer in order to have a successful partnership? What do retailers need to know about vendors in order to have a successful partnership? Why are these relationships important?