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Strategy and Business Analysis

Default Risk Premium

A particular security's equilibrium rate of return is 8 percent. For all securities, the inflation risk premium is 1.75 percent and the real interest rate is 3.5 percent. The security's liquidity risk premium is .25 percent and maturity risk premium is .85 percent. The security has no special covenants. Calculate the securit

Identify and analyze moral problems in the workplace

The real point behind this course was to get you comfortable in identifying moral problems in the workplace, analyzing them, putting your thoughts together, and giving a clear intelligent response in a written format. Do you think you are now, given the topics covered, better at this sort of activity?

Evaluate Trendless Data; Forecasts to Improve Communciation

1. How can trendless data be evaluated? How does a trailing-moving average compare to a centered-moving average? When should exponential smoothing be used for data? Explain with an example. In exponential smoothing, what type of smoothing constant should be chosen for little smoothing compared with moderate smoothing?

Who are Customers?

Can you think of any organizations that do not have relevant "customers" to take into consideration? If there are such, how are they different from other organizations where all parts of the BSC operate equally?

Management Policy and Strategy

Operation Village People What management concerns made BP reexamine their leadership model? What business issues did they face? How did this form of human expression assist in moving the top management perception of the organizational culture forward?

Security Nightmares and Websites

Please help with the following problem. As a customer, what is your biggest security nightmare and how do you expect the site to protect you? Reference: Laudon, Kenneth C. & Traver, Carol G. (2011) e-commerce : business. technology. society. 7/e Edition, Pearson Hall, New Jersey, USA. 2011 (ISBN: 0-13-609119-9) Chapte

Coaching Style

Review Case Study 9-2, "What Is Your Coaching Style?". Conduct a self analysis of your personal coaching style. Identify and evaluate your style against quadrants proposed. -------- Case Study 9-2 WHAT IS YOUR COACHING STYLE?** Below are 15 rows of four words each. From each row, select and circle two words out o

Current competitors and define the competitive landscape

Analyze the following: Theorectically Dunkin Donuts is going to be starting a catering service geared towards businesses . Analyze the current competitors and define the competitive landscape for the catering service that Dunkin Donuts will provide.

Examine risks.

Liberty Corp. was set up to take large risks and is willing to take the greatest risk possible. Benson Co. is more typical of the average corporation and is risk averse. Which of the following four projects should Liberty Corp. choose? Compute the coefficients of variation to help you make your decision. Which one of the fo

Information Sources Validity

Examine the validity of information sources. Identify what sources are credible and what sources are not credible. Also, discuss how you evaluate the credibility of your sources of information. Be sure to include the following points in your discussion: Public domain and private sources of information/data Generating info

Case analysis: Mayor Schell's Zero Homeless Family Strategy

See attached case file. Based on the Case Study: Mayor Schell's Zero Homeless Family Strategy (PDF), write a paper in which you: 1. Analyze four (4) policy choices of Mayor Schell that were made as part of the strategy for the homeless. 2. Analyze the Pre-Implementation and Design Strategies of Mayor Schell and inte

Creating a plan for using power and influence

Introduction: An important aspect of being an effective leader is the impact you create on your followers. Therefore, the next step of developing your leadership skills involves identifying how to use power and influence to improve your leadership capability. Tasks: - Create a plan for using power and influence to impro

Identify M-B's target market and positioning strategy

Please assist me with the following assignment for Mercedes-Benz (M-B), the car manufacturer. Please provide references. Thanks in advance! ---------------------------------------------------- Part One: Keeping Segmentation and Targeting in mind answer the following 1-Identify M-B's target market and positioning strategy 2-H

Defined Benefits Plans

Please explain actuarial assumptions and give examples. Please explain a defined benefit plan In computing the interest component of pension expense, what interest rate may be used? Please explain the difference between service cost and prior service cost What is the formula for actual return on plan assets. Also, ex

Typology of Career Systems: Strategy Formulation and Planning

See the attached file. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Maury Peiperl have proposed a typology of career systems in which organizations are classified as one of four distinct strategic staffing types: fortress, baseball team, club, or academy (see pages 139-143 of the Greer text). Analyze your current or former employer according to this

Shoe Shine: What is the carrying cost and the optimal order quantity?

Shoe Shine is a local retail shoe store located at the north side of Centerville. Annual demand for a popular sandal is 500 pairs, and John Dirk, the owner of Shoe Shine, has been in the habit of ordering 100 pairs at a the time. John estimates that the ordering cost is $10 per order. The cost of the sandals is $5 per pair. F

Why companies fail

I need help with explaining why certain companies failed. See details here... Explain the value to leaders of being able to do an "autopsy" on an organization that died, such as Arthur Anderson or Enron. Explain the value to individuals of knowing the factors that cause start-ups to fail, in less than a year after incepti

Walt Disney company: a strategy of related diversification

Hi! I need help with the part of the assignment which states "and be prepared to justify the extent to which the value chains of Disney's different businesses seem to have competitively valuable cross-business relationships." This is something the professor will either have me discuss in class or I may have to write about it

Goodrich Aerospace's significant environmental scan issues

See attached file. Identify Goodrich Aerospace's significant environmental scan issues. My choice is Technology - Environmental scan issues that are impacting the company either positively or negatively by: - Identify the issues. - Identify whether it is a remote, industry, or operating factor and which sub-factor it

Strategic Analysis and Corporate Parents Adding Value

1. How does strategic analysis at the corporate level differ from strategic analysis at the business unit level? How are they related? 2. What are three types of opportunities through which a corporate parent could add value beyond the sum of its separate businesses?

Strategic Implementation and Alignment Issues

Strategic Implementation and Alignment Issues I need to develop an implementation plan with consideration given to structural, leadership and cultural issues in Law Enforcement. The resulting paper should describe a brief snapshot of your implementation plan, usually a road map with appropriate sign posts over the relev

Tradeoff Weights: Qualitative vs. the quantitative approach.

In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods for developing tradeoff weights? Discuss the direct method, swing weighting, and equivalence lottery. Evaluate how to determine when each method would yield the optimal results. Evaluate the qualitative vs. the quantitative approach.

Abstract Model Guidance Analysis

I need some guidance on how to get started here... Analyze the different types of abstract models and examples of the problems that are applicable to each type of model. A brief description of each type of model: Deterministic Probability Simulation Discipline specific A brief description of problem for which eac

Distinctions Between Internal and External Customers

(1) Can you make an interesting distinction between 'internal' and 'external' customers? Do yo think that financial considerations (bottom line) do make impact on how the 'relevancy' of each customer group is determined? (2) The question is how customer perspective fits into the Balanced Scorecard. In particular, how is findi

Technological change on industries: Adapt and exploit changes

Consider an industry facing fundamental technology change (e.g. fixed-point telecommunications and internet protocols, the recorded music industry and digitalization, computer software and open-source, newspapers and the internet, automobiles and alternative fuels). Develop two alternative scenarios for the future evolution of y