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Strategy and Business Analysis

Information Systems

1. Briefly describe the following three ways of connecting to the Internet: cable internet service, digital subscriber line, and dial-up internet service. 2. E-mail messages can open your computer to many risks. Identify some of those risks, and explain how to mitigate them.

Demand Elasticity of Product

A monopoly producing a chip at a marginal cost of $6 per unit faces a demand elasticity of -2.5. Which price should it charge to optimize its profits? A) $6 per unit; b) $8 per unit; c) $10 per unit; d) $12 per unit.

Buddy Media and Its Competitors

Attempt to determine what key parameters would be most valuable to create a perceptual map for social media management companies such as buddy media. Can you offer any suggestions and how you might choose to map this industry? I am also trying to identify any clever entrepreneurial tactics that Buddy Media used to aid in their r

Waiting Lines

Provide some examples of waiting lines in everyday life. What decisions must managers of such systems consider?

Discussion Strategy Challenges and Legislation

I need some help with the following scenario: Your teenage daughter is a senior at Hartfield High School. She is an honor roll student; however, she cannot pass the high school exit exam. The exit exam is a standardized test that is administered to all high school students across the State of Georgia that determines whether o

Installation methods

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the installation methods our book describes? Direct Installation "Cold Turkey" Parallel Installation (Old system runs with the new) Single Location "Pilot Approach" Phases Installation "Staged Incremental" Share examples of when each of these methods should

GSD&M's Virtual Crowd Uses Analytics

Review the GSD&M's Virtual Crowd Uses Analyticscase studies (see attached) then respond to the questions below. 1. What is the benefit to GSD&M and their clients of using a simulation to predict customer behavior? 2. What other scenarios can you think of that might benefit from this type of simulation? 3. Describe the

Strategic Objectives - Walmart

Please help answer the following questions: What are some the strategic objectives and tools used by the company to measure customer satisfaction? How can these measurements be used to enhance quality planning?

Financial outcomes for Walmart

Select a financial initiative from the management's message to the shareholders using its most recent annual report and other financial statements submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Compare and contrast three potential financial outcomes (decrease in sales, increase in sales and no increase or decrease in s

Give your views on the significance of extranets to include the following

Give your views on the significance of extranets to include the following: Advantages and disadvantages of a company creating an extranet that gives partners, suppliers, and customers access to service or in-house information Importance of extranets in today's businesses. Why the benefits of extranets are or are not worth

Accuracy Levels

In your opinion, is it important for the researcher and the marketing manager to discuss the accuracy level associated with the research project at hand?

Systematic Sampling and Simple Random Sampling

Please help answer the following questions. In what ways is a systematic sample more efficient than a simple random sample? In what way is systematic sampling less representative of the population than simple random sampling?

Intermodal Transportation

How important is intermodal transportation to global logistics? How do supply chains get more complicated across borders versus domestically?

Decision Models

What is a decision model and what are the three types of inputs common to decision models?

Measuring Forecast Accuracy

List and define the three pricipal ways of measuring forecast accuracy. What are the key differences among them?

Strategic Implementation

You are now in charge of an Non-profit organization of choice. Describe the controls you would want to review to determine if the organization and the individuals are moving in the correct direction. List the top three measurement controls you would want to see.

Productivity Improvements

1. Consider Shipment productivity. Think of one way that you could improve shipment productivity and explain. 2. Think of one other Productivity Measure you might use at a beer distribution company and explain how you would calculate it. And then how would use it to improve productivity?

Queues Compared to System Dynamics

Based on system dynamics, you have seen that in a system, different entities flow into and accumulate in stocks and then flow out, sometimes into another stock. This is similar to items in a queue or waiting line. But there are some aspects that are different from queues when comparing to system dynamics. For example, water cann

Business Strategic

What makes change so difficult for most individuals, and how this process can be improved to lessen the threat.

Capacity Planning

How is capacity like the size of the hoses and tub in which water is flowing. Consider that there may be multiple tubs and hoses in a manufacturing business, as well as in other businesses. What role does customer demand play in capacity planning? Why is it necessary to do both short term and long term planning? What role does L

Discussion Question

Today's retailers have gone to extraordinary lengths to create a shopping experience based on more than just the products they sell and the services they offer. Clothing purveyor Abercrombie & Fitch, for instance, adorns its stores with oversized posters of sexy, half-dressed models and sprays its signature scent throughout the

The Utilization of Tracking Studies

What are tracking studies? Give an example of how managers would use tracking study data. Please use Burns, A. C. & Bush, R. F. (2006). Marketing research and SPSS 13.0 package (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Presenting Business Plans

Can you help me in answering the following scenario: A venture capitalist has expressed interest in potentially funding your new business venture and has asked for a presentation of your business plan. provide some guidelines that can be used for effectively presenting your plan to venture capitalists. Make sure to cover the

Market Research Methodologies

Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch is concerned about the shifting attitudes of the public regarding the consumption of alcohol. However, managers think that scotch whiskey may be seen differently because it is normally consumed in small quantities as opposed to beer, wine, or even other hard liquors such as vodka. Select two projec

Learning and Growth Perspective

Propose a metric that could be used to quantify this. The learning and growth perspective assesses employee ability and the quality of information systems, along with the effects of operational alignment in supporting the accomplishment of organizational goals. These processes will only succeed if adequately skilled and motiv

Review the Johnson and Johnson case study.

Review the Johnson and Johnson case study. 1. Discuss Johnson & Johnson's approach to providing an IT infrastructure to support its one-face-to-the-customer strategy. 2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach?