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Brief Examples of Waiting Lines Problem in Real Life

Provide some examples of waiting lines in everyday life. What decisions must managers of such systems consider?

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Waiting lines, according to Loma (2009), is the mathematical study of waiting lines or queues. There are several related processes, arriving at the back of the queue, waiting in the queue and being served by the server at the front of the queue. It is applicable in the transport, telecommunications industry, banking, and any other industries that deal directly with clients.

Here are three (3) examples of waiting line in everyday life:

1. In a car wash establishment

A car arrives in the car wash establishment, the workers in the establishment washes the car. The car is cleaned and the client pays the cost.
In this situation the manager of the car wash establishment would like to see to it that their their client will ...

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This solution discusses the occurrence and application of waiting lines problem.