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    Requirements Triage

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    What is triage and how is it factored into project management?

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    According to Mahvish et. al of "A Method for Early Requirements Triage and Selection Utilizing Product Strategies," software requirements triaging can be likened to the triage that nurses perform in the emergency room:

    "'Triage' is a term used by medical practitioners to describe and prioritize treatment of patients based on their symptoms severity. Triage attempts to optimize resource usage by balancing the need for treatment with the likelihood of a successful outcome. In order to do this successfully a patient is assessed on criteria like 'physiology', 'injury anatomy', 'mechanism of injury' and a decision is made whether to treat the patient, or in case of multiple patients, in what order to ...

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    There will always be risks, but a good project manager can identify risks and mitigate them during a typical software development lifecycle. In this excerpt, the author discusses methods and techniques used to identify, analyze, prioritize, and mitigate project-specific risk factors.