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Proctor and Gamble's Pampers Diapers in Kenya

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Please provide assistance in answering the following questions related to the marketing of Proctor and Gamble's product Pampers in the international market of Kenya.

1. What is the sustainability of Kenya's market?
2. What are the factors that influences Kenya?
3. Trends, Size of Market, Growth Rate, Profitability.

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Over 250 word response with reference that describes Proctor and Gamble's market expansion into Kenya through their primary product of Pampers.

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Due to the uncertainty of the American economy as it continues to recover from financial despair, many Fortune 500 companies are taking a larger role on an international front. In saying this, Proctor and Gamble has expanded their product of Pampers to the market in Kenya. Though many financial analysts advised against this, study and research has shown there is a market for Pampers in this country. There are many factors that play into this that includes, but is not limited to, trend, size of market, growth rate, profitability, and international organizations.

Study and trends have shown that the market in Kenya is sustainable. One of the biggest factors that impacted Proctor and Gamble's decision to expand ...

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