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    Is Pert Plus a Pan-European Product?

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    Proctor & Gamble's Pert Plus: Is it a Pan European Product?

    The new shampoo was introduced as a pan-European brand in continental Europe and later moved into the Middle East. The Pert Plus name was used.

    List references if used.

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    Proctor & Gamble's shampoo and conditioner combination that was to become Pert Plus was introduced in Europe in 1988 after a successful launch of the product in America. The allure of the European marketplace was the ability to take advantage of the steady growth of the hair care market, and the promise many countries new to the unique combination product of shampoo and conditioner.

    Initially Proctor & Gamble tested the product to determine if it could command a premium price, and compared the positioning of the product to existing brands like Pantene and Shamtu. Since the market research with consumers showed no significant difference between brands the brand was introduced throughout Europe, initially as Vidal Sassoon Wash & Go In addition, the Vidal Sassoon name was previously in the marketplace so product acceptance would be greater with a known brand name, and more readily ...

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