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    Pampers product launch in Kenya and Botswana

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    Can you provide me with assistance in identifying a targeting market, determining market needs, and the market potential and market growth for Proctor and Gamble's Pampers product in two markets Kenya (domestic) and Botswana (international)?

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    Target market
    P&G is organized into three business units in Kenya such as beauty, health and well-being and household care. The company has built a strong customer base of loyal customers for its diverse set of brands (Procter & Gamble, Kenya, 2012). For Pampers, the target market will be mothers to be and current mothers. The market is fair large and there are many accessible media platforms to market these future and current mothers. This particular market is easy to reach and provide products according to the desires of customers.

    On the other hand, in Botswana, company will develop its marketing strategy for the right target customers. For baby nappies and diapers, mothers are targeted as target customers. The current population growth rate shows that there is a demand for diapers and nappies in households (Rigney, 2011). Along with this, Botswana has more of the population in working and ...

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    The expert examines Pampers product launching in Kenya and Botswana. Target markets and the markets needs and potentials are examined.